“Without filters”, Ilary Blasi showed herself just like this after the face lift

After the face lift, the presenter showed herself exactly like this: Ilary Blasi completely “Without Filters” in an unmissable shot

At the center of media attention in particular for the end of the marriage with Francesco Totti. Although the two together have represented for many the emblem of love, after years their story is over and today the two are no longer a couple. But Ilary Blasi in recent years, in the eyes of the public has always stood out for her incredible beauty.

Ilary Blasi, as she showed herself after the facelift (Credits: Instagram)

Since its television debut in Passaparola, the former letter has undoubtedly captured our attention for the indisputable beauty that has always characterized it. To date, her life is said to have changed particularly. Both in private and on screen. She has become one of the most watched TV presenters on the small screen. And first for the wedding, and now for the separation, she is in the spotlight for the story with Francesco Totti. Always, Ilary Blasi has been classified as one of the beauty icons of Italian television. Icon of beauty and fashion, let’s add. Because her looks, often shown on her Instagram profile, certainly do not go unnoticed. Just like that of the jewel handbag, did you notice it?

The Roman presenter has always loved to keep fit and take care of herself. In different social contentIlary Blasi she had shown herself intent on undertaking a sports training and in others she showed facial treatments to keep her skin intact, beautiful and toned. And speaking of treatments, it is precisely in these hours that the presenter of the island has shown herself without filters after facelift treatment to the face.

Ilary Blasi showed her face after the lifting treatment: “Without filters”

Always, Ilary Blasi takes care of herself. He loves to devote himself to his body and to keep the skin of his face toned and firm. There are several beauty treatments to which the women of the show undergo, and among these there is also the lifting treatment who chose Ilary Blasi.

In these months where it has been at the center of the media storm, Ilary Blasi she never stopped dedicating herself to her family and herself. And it is precisely in these same months that the TV presenter has decided to show a little more of her privateness than before her.

And so, between a post in the social gallery and some Instagram Stories from her official social profile, Ilary Blasi shows us how she spends her free time. In one of the latest Instagram Stories dating back to yesterday, he wanted to show her skin without filters and without a trace of makeup after the lifting treatment she had undergone shortly before.

ilary blasi lifting
Ilary Blasi shows her face after the facelift (Credits: Instagram)

Without filters“, That’s how she wrote in her IG stories looking more beautiful than ever. Radiant, smooth skin with an even complexion. Really wonderful.