Woman killed by plane tree in Rome, agronomist: “Trees too old, do as in Paris”

Bonucelli to Adnkronos: “They must be replaced at short intervals. Pruning serves to lighten the weight of a plant but the problem is seniority”

“We’re doing one thing wrong, we confuse maintenance with stability. The problem is that the plants in the city are old and therefore fall. The roots slowly begin to let go, to diminish and consequently the plants fall. Pruning is used to lighten the weight of a plant but the problem is its agethe conditions in which it is grown and the roots”. Speaking to Adnkronos is Angelico Bonucelli, agronomist and former director of the Garden Service of Rome, commenting on the fall of the plane tree which at 10.30 this morning overwhelmed and killed an elderly woman Via di Donna Olimpia.

So what can be done to avoid new tragedies? “We need to copy what they do in Paris – he explains – where at short intervals, every 40, 60 years, they renew all the trees, especially the plane trees”.