Women killed in Naro, massacred “after having rejected the killer’s advances”

According to the reconstruction of the magistrates of Agrigento, the murderer killed the victims after the two women refused sexual requests

The two Romanian women murdered in the night between Thursday and Friday in their respective homes in Naroin the province of Agrigento, they were massacred after having rejected “a sexual approach” by the alleged murderer. The Agrigento magistrates who are investigating the double crime for which a 23-year-old Romanian man was arrested last night, accused of double murder and contempt of a corpse, are convinced of this.

According to what was reconstructed by the Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore Vella who coordinates the investigation, the arrested man would have had dinner at Delia Zarniscu aged 58, with a 52 year old friend. After the first advances, the woman allegedly rejected the sexual requests of the alleged murderer. Thus, the man, alone, would have reached the other victim, Maria Rus aged 54, who was alone at home. First she would have beaten her savagely and then she would have set her on fire. The Romanian would then return to the home of the first victim and massacre him with television and furnishings.

Autopsy on the bodies of the victims, Ris on Monday in Naro

Meanwhile, the autopsy on the bodies of the two women is underway. The RIS from the Messina Carabinieri will therefore arrive in Naro on Monday morning to carry out investigations after the massacre. It was the Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office, which coordinates the investigation, that requested the inspection of the Ris.