Woody Allen begins shooting Wasp 22 in Paris

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From “everyone says I love you” to “everyone says je t’aime” the step is short. That Woody Allen had a special place in his heart for Paris had already been understood since the days of Midnight in Paris, now more than a decade ago. But the director of Me and Annie he had shown a general appreciation of all of France, setting a large part of the following on the French Riviera as well Magic in the Moonlight of 2014, flanked by stars of the caliber of Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Allen’s latest effort (Rifkin’s Festival) had been shot to be honest not far from the French borders, in the Basque Country in San Sebastian. In all cases, however, it had always been films designed primarily for the Anglo-Saxon market, which used the English language as their main language and had essentially stars in the cast who passed through Hollywood (or in any case aware of the dynamics of American cinema). This time it’s different. Wasp 22 is starting to be born in Paris with an indigenous cast ready to act in Rimbaud’s language.

L’amour toujours (pour le cinéma)

Wasp 22 it risked being Woody Allen’s last film, or so it seemed after a controversial interview in which it seemed the director was losing his love of cinema. It was said that the author of some of the most important films in history would soon leave the big screen to devote himself to telling stories in a different way, through writing. A rumor later denied by Allen himself who, for now, seems to have said goodbye only to Hollywood. Also because of his personal history, for the mind behind it Manhattan on the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to find financing (or even just actors) at home. For this reason, as has often happened in the past, Allen has decided to look to the Old Continent. On the other hand, in Europe he is still very much loved and he himself is perhaps one of the American authors most attentive to cinema on this side of the world. “It will be a film along the lines of Match Point. An idea that works in a European city like Paris. I hope the audience will appreciate it, ”the director teased. So let’s get ready for a black comedy tinged with thriller elements, like the one shot by Allen in London in 2005. If Wasp 22 will live up to that film, no one will refrain from saying yet another “merci” to this master, who has now reached his fiftieth anniversary. film of a very prolific career.

Allen’s (French) Revolution

Allen made it much less effort this time to find new performers. The French stars have not missed the opportunity to propose themselves to a big name in the cinema, also enticed by the additional possibility of being able to express themselves in their mother tongue. It is not yet clear whether the rumors that would like the great have a grain of truth Isabelle Huppert involved in the project but, regardless of her actual participation, a very high level cast is expected. For example, the engagement of Valérie Lemercierfresh winner of the César Prize for the interpretation of Céline Dion in Aline, and that of the French-Canadian actor Niels Schneider (seen in J’ai tué ma mère and Les amours imaginaires by Xavier Dolan). With this company it’s hard to believe that Woody Allen will soon miss the United States for him. More likely he ends up saying, quoting Edith Piaf: “Non, je ne regrette rien”.