Work begins in the courtyard of honor at the Chamber, off limits until February

The operational phase of the renovation work on the internal courtyard of the Chamber, the so-called honor courtyard of Montecitorio, has begun, already ‘scaffolded’ since August for construction work. Area of ​​Montecitorio which has no longer been the subject of extraordinary maintenance for over 50 years.

The planned works should be limited to the renovation of the internal facades of the Palace which overlook the courtyard, in the center of which stands the large round fountain. It has always been a meeting place for parliamentarians, with benches and two gazebos, where many people stop perhaps to smoke a cigarette. A place where parliamentary reporters often find themselves to gather confidences from elected representatives and look for news, as also happens in the nearby Transatlantic.

Now, to allow for building renovation, the courtyard will be closed from next Wednesday, 20 September, with the reopening scheduled no longer by November, as initially estimated, but in February 2024, due to the need that has just emerged for more radical interventions, causing greater degradation and critical issues greater than those that emerged in previous inspections.