Work, Bonomi: “Minimum wage does not affect us”

The president of Confindustria in audience with the Pope: “Commitment to worthy work”. And to politics: “Horizons short and crushed on false priorities”

“The criterion for defining a ‘worthy’ job is not just the monetary one. In our country, in too many sectors, the job offer continues to be characterized by low wages. This, I would like to repeat, does not concern industry in any way. Those are not us! Here because the subject of the intervention for the Law on the Minimum Wage does not affect us. Other sectors have opposed, on which, instead, one should have the courage to intervene. “Thus the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, during his speech at the general assembly – today in the Vatican before the Pope’s audience – returns on one of the issues that is inflaming the political debate ahead of the elections.

On the employment front, on the other hand, Bonomi notes, the country seems far from the dignity also invoked by the Pope in 2017. “Even in the phases of economic recovery, we are unable to exceed the threshold of 60% of employed among the 15 and 64 years. The labor participation rates of young people and women remain between 15 and 20 points lower than those of Northern European countries. We have doubled the number of absolute poor despite a huge jump in social spending. We have a negative record. , currently at 39%, of jobs for which the manufacture does not find adequate trained profiles. A very high number of Neet among young people “, he lists.

“Social spending remains highly unbalanced in favor of pensions, not of young people. As Confindustria, we have, in recent years, proposed many structural reform measures to radically address these imbalances. But we have extensively discussed this and will continue to do so in all offices. Today, here, we instead affirm a first constructive principle “, he underlines.

A worthy job, therefore, but also “truly free”, continues Bonomi, who rejects all the other ‘charges’ attributed to the business world on the quality of employment it offers. “In many contexts the only alternative to unemployment is precarious employment or even exploited work, from fake VAT numbers, to illegal jobs, to non-training internships, just to name a few. Also on this point I would like to reiterate that it is not manufacturing, it is not us, who offer these forms of underemployment and often real exploitation ”, he insists.

“The second condition for ‘free’ work is full respect and indeed the direct incentive for the full expression of the personality and abilities of each individual worker. And this condition is achieved through modern organizational models of the company. The times and methods of alienating Taylorism belong to the distant past ”, she concludes.

“In our Italy – emphasizes Bonomi – we feel, today more than ever, the duty to offer our contribution centered on the shared definition of a ‘worthy job’. That is, rooted in the original dignity of every woman and man, irrepressible and unavailable to any power or ideology. If this foundation is forgotten, the laws of economics betray their innermost meaning and value. It is one of the great risks manifested in recent decades by a conception of growth based on finance for finance. As industrial, manufacturing and service companies, based on work, we feel the need to state this clearly “.

POWER – Speaking of the dear energy, Bonomi reiterates that “we have been asking for a ceiling on the price of gas for months to avoid speculation but we have remained unheard”. “The energy crisis is not linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict but comes from the wrong choices both at national and EU level: to date we do not yet have a European energy policy. There is no intervention that can solve the situation but a series of interventions in the short and long “. “AND’ a rationing plan is fundamental and do it together. We must not be caught unprepared. But if we stop the companies, we stop the country “, the warning that comes from the president of Confindustria.” If the companies close, they never reopen “, warns the industrial leader for whom an evaluation” company by company “is needed.” If there should be a resurgence of sanctions and the blocking of gas supplies, we could be at risk of rationing “, highlights Bonomi.” We asked to be able to speak with the government to understand what to favor. For some productions it is impossible to remove the gas. For others it is easier to manage half a day than a one-hour suspension per day “, explains Bonomi.

POLICY – “Today that the horizons of politics seem ever shorter and crushed on false priorities, we feel more than ever the need for long-term projects, as the only way to respond to the dramatic problems of Italian society. And we deeply believe that it is industry, our industry, that can be the first engine of a true, new, industrial humanism, to be a designer of the future “.