Work, Calderone on Sky TG24: “Review the 2017 law on smart working”

The Minister of Labor underlined that it is necessary to modify the rule that introduced the regulation of this tool. You then reiterated that the government intends to continue to protect those in a difficult situation while people in employability conditions will be helped to find a job. On raising the ceiling on vouchers, you specified: “It is not an element of precariousness”

The Minister of Labor Marina Calderone, in an interview with Sky TG24, focused on the citizen’s income, underlining that the measure served during the pandemic period but now we need to identify a new tool that can continue to protect those in a situation of difficulty while people in employable conditions must be accompanied to work.

The Minister of Labour: “We will involve the territories”

“Another intervention linked to work support – he said – will have to be done for those who are considered in conditions of employability even if with critical issues related to their distance from the labor market. The intervention we will carry out on active inclusion will be also linked to the governance of support. We will involve the territories”. Calderone specified the need to involve private employment agencies accredited by the Ministry of Labor in the matching of job supply and demand. The aim, he explained, is active inclusion.

“Hybrid model needed for smart working”

For Calderone, smart working has become a commonly used tool and at this point the law that five years ago introduced the regulation of this tool of our legal system should be reviewed. “When the pandemic broke out in 2017, the agile work standard – he explained – had been tested by a few large companies who had made it a corporate welfare tool. It has become a hybrid model out of necessity”. Today the structure of law 81/2017, continued the minister “is no longer sufficient to include the experiences made during the pandemic. It is necessary to review that structure. It is necessary to intervene so that the hybrid model can find its connotation and become a tool of continuous and constant work for all companies in the public and private sector”.

Calderone: “Making the best use of flexibility tools”

On the theme of precariousness, Calderone explained that “clarity needs to be clarified”, explaining that “this term is often used even when speaking of flexibility”. Responding to a question on the vouchers, he stated that “raising the ceiling is not in itself an element of precariousness. We must certainly make the best use of flexibility tools to allow companies to meet temporary and extraordinary needs and at the same time watch out because there are no abuses”.

“We are ready to discuss all topics, no taboos”

On the issue of wages, the Minister of Labor maintained that there are no topics on which the Government is not ready to open a discussion, there are no taboos: “I think it is important to talk about many topics, she said, of productivity, wages, contractual stability, the development of healthy bargaining”, he added. Calderone recalled that a table was set for January 12 with the social partners on safety and on the 19th on social security, emphasizing that there is a need to intervene so that every year adjustments and derogations do not have to be made during the budget maneuver.