Work, Cdm at Palazzo Chigi: what the decree will be like

Waiting for the green light to the provision

The Council of Ministers, where the go-ahead for the 2023 work decree is expected, has just begun at Palazzo Chigi. The meeting started half an hour late. This morning, before arriving at Palazzo Chigi, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni went to the funeral home of Senator Andrea Augello, who passed away on 28 April.

“Council of Ministers to approve measures to support workers. Let’s reduce payroll costs to help families and businesses. Let’s lower labor costs to increase employment. More resources to guarantee worker safety, including for our Embassies in the world”, wrote the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on Twitter.

The provision was illustrated yesterday to the unions. “The government’s priority, however, is to lighten the tax burden on labor costs”, Meloni’s words. “We had an oral discussion, because no text was delivered to us. So in reality we don’t know the measures in detail and, as is well known, when it comes to the labor market, health and safety, even commas count, as write them and how you put them”, the words of the CGIL secretary, Maurizio Landini, after the summit.

THE DRAFT OF THE DECREE – According to the draft of the 2023 labor decree, the government will not tax fringe benefits up to 3,000 euros for workers with children. The provision contains an article ‘Fiscal measures for corporate welfare’ which establishes that ”limited to the 2023 tax period, notwithstanding the provisions” of the Consolidated Law on income taxes ”do not contribute to forming the income the value of the goods sold and the services provided to employees with dependent children, as well as the sums paid or reimbursed to them by the employers for the payment of domestic utilities for the integrated water service, electricity and natural gas by overall limit of 3,000 euros”. The expenditure is estimated at 142 million euros in 2023 and 12 million for 2024.

”In order to support families and facilitate the reconciliation between private life and work, a fund has been set up with an endowment of 60 million euros for the year 2023, as foreseen in the draft. With the article ‘Institution of a Fund for socio-educational activities in favor of minors’, the provision allocates resources for ”social-educational activities in favor of minors, intended to finance initiatives by the Municipalities, to be implemented also in collaboration with public and private entities, aimed at strengthening summer camps, territorial socio-educational services and centers with an educational and recreational function that carry out activities in favor of minors”.

In the new draft of the labor decree also the inclusion allowance which will take effect from 2024 and will have a ceiling of 5.5 billion which, when fully operational, will reach 6.4 billion in 2033. ”For the purpose of disbursing the economic benefit the total expenditure of 5,472.7 million euros for the year 2024, 5,695.0 million euros for the year 2025, 5,623.6 million euros for the year 2026, 5,733.6 is authorized for the inclusion grant million euros for the year 2027, €5,844.7 million for the year 2028, €5,958.0 million for the year 2029, €6,073.6 million for the year 2030, €6,191.4 million euros for the year 2031, 6,311.6 million euros for the year 2032, 6,434.1 million euros per year starting from the year 2033”.