Work, Censis: “For 1 in 4 Philip Morris Bologna employees it is a right”

As part of the Report ‘The meaning of work in the productive and urban community of Bologna’, carried out by Censis, a survey was conducted among the employees of Philip Morris manufacturing & technology Bologna to analyze what the meaning of work is within of company dynamics.

The profile of what work represents for employees can be highlighted through three essential elements: work as a right, but also as a personal contribution to something that goes beyond the boundaries of the workplace and is also reflected in the community (this is stated by employee in four); work as a factor of independence (43.2%), with particular relevance for the female component of employment (57.6%); work as a factor of economic security (41.1%), which can however be carried out in a meritocratic working environment (48.6%).

More across the board, the survey then led to reflection on the concept of a job ‘well done’: 46.9% of employees define ‘well done’ as a job complete in every detail (24.5%), for 22, 5%, however, is if carried out with passion and creativity beyond what is required.