Work, Letta: “Young people must be paid, free internships”

Secretary Dem: “We must turn the page otherwise populism wins”

Stop to free internships for young people, the work must be paid. The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta says at the Agora ‘Let’s build a fairer future’ with Nicola Zingaretti. “Our commitment must be to give the keys of the country in the hands of the children. But this can happen – says Letta – only if at the beginning of their work, we give them one real salary. We can’t make him start life like that, it’s unbearable and intolerable and we have to eliminate free internships. The internship is useful but only if it is a piece of his training path is not the entrance to the world of work because for entry into the world of work there is an apprenticeship and it cannot be free“.

“The future of work – continues the secretary Dem – is based on meeting people. It is not that everything passes to smart working. Because we want to see our workmates. And work makes sense if it is qualified while on the subject. our country is dramatically behind in training “.

“We must be the party of those who can’t make it”

“If the Democratic Party is unable to speak to all those who are in a time of fatigue, it loses its raison d’etre. We must be the party of those who do not – says Letta -. Talking only with those who make it is easy but leads us to be interlocutors only for a piece of society e so populism wins because it talks to everyone. And what I propose to you starting from this Agora is to be the ones who turn the page and start working with those who struggle. Only in this way will we return to speak to all Italians and only in this way will we be able to be competitive with the populists who speak to everyone, incite fears but give no solutions “.

We have to overturn the table, this is the raison d’être of our party. If we don’t, we will be something, but not the Democratic Party. ”