Work, majority without numbers in the commission: opposition protests

Work suspended in the House on the dl heat. Dem sources: “They were under, we asked for a recount but they didn’t grant it”. Center-right reply: “Majority does not go under”

Just the morning after Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s dinner with the Brothers of Italy parliamentarians to close ranks in view of the resumption of work, the majority found themselves without numbers in the commission in the Chamber. Work suspended and protests from the oppositions that thus reconstruct what happened this morning in Montecitorio.

“The Carotenuto amendment of the 5 stars” was voted on by the Caldo decree for ‘urgent measures for the protection of workers in the event of a climate emergency’. “In a rather unusual way – Pd parliamentary sources report – President Rizzetto took the floor and replied by speaking on the merits with the majority. Then, having finished speaking, he asked for a technical break because Undersecretary Durigon needed 5 minutes. So it was suspended for not voting. At that moment we were on with the numbers”.

The protests therefore started from the oppositions. “We asked for a recount upon return – which was not granted to us – then we asked for a meeting of the bureau. They did not grant it”.


In the Labor Committee of the Chamber, the majority did not go down‘ on the Caldo law decree because no vote was held with such an outcome and even less was there a request from the oppositions to proceed with the recount at the same time as the votes cast”, sources of the centre-right majority said, explaining that “during the examination of the legislative decree the government has requested a technical suspension and now the works are proceeding regularly”.