Work, Minister Calderone on Sky TG24: “Incentives for poor work”

The Minister of Labor touches on all issues concerning employment and the next steps of the executive, starting from the debate on the minimum wage (“Available in comparison with the social partners”) up to basic income

“On the minimum wage there is full synergy between Palazzo Chigi and the Ministry of Labor and the fact that Cnel has been involved, serves to make an analysis and an assessment of what collective agreements are and the value of the weight of a contract “. These are the words of the Minister of Labor Marina Elvira Calderone, interviewed within timeline on Sky TG24, who explained how “one shouldn’t dwell only on the amount of gross hourly wages or take what the value of that contract is. A contract speaks of many institutions and the value of the contract is given by a whole series of elements “. The task of the ministry and the government will be “to make those assessments that pertain to initiatives that must also have an impact on the manoeuvre”. “It is important for us – he added – “to support good bargaining and create incentives for poor work”. On the minimum wage “there is full availability, right away” for a meeting with the social partners, “I believe that the comparison there can and should be”.

Incentives for poor work

For the minister it is important to pay attention “to increasing the purchasing power of our salaries with a series of incentives”. The objective is “to maintain the interventions on the contribution tax wedge” but Calderone also looks “at issues such as welfare and all forms of tax relief not only on performance bonuses but also on contractual increases because this is a way to ensure that wages realign upwards”.

Reward those who work

Regarding the manoeuvre, the minister referred to Giorgetti’s words on “rewarding those who work”, explaining that it means “giving companies the opportunity to invest in issues such as productivity, training and updating and at the same time giving workers the opportunity to have salaries that have a greater impact on purchasing power”. “This is done in various ways – she added – we did it with the past maneuver, lowering the tax threshold of performance bonuses, the goal is to expand the items that can benefit from these interventions”. Focusing on welfare would also serve “to support the issue of the birth rate, young people and women at work because where we have the possibility of increasing female employment and supporting parenting policies, we have the possibility of giving an answer also in terms of of our population”.

Citizenship income and the new tool

Confirming full willingness to negotiate with the unions, the minister then touched on the issue of Citizenship Income and who will lose the benefit. “The rule on the inclusion allowance is not penalizing as regards the Isee threshold – said Calderone – on the contrary, we have purified it of what is the incidence of the single allowance. Therefore the incidence of the coverage audience is much wider, I believe that the exact sizing of the audiences in relation to all the institutes that are put together should be seen and weighed correctly”. “We are committed to making sure that everything starts correctly on September 1st”, she added on the start of the inclusion check.