Work, Unioncamere: 293,000 hires expected in August

Compared to the same month of 2022, forecasts show 8,000 more contracts

In August, companies plan to activate 293,000 employment contracts (fixed-term contracts of more than one month or open-ended contracts). Compared to the month of August 2022, the forecasts highlight 8 thousand more contracts, equal to +3.0%, while for the August-October quarter the forecast stands at 1.3 million new hires, recording a decrease compared to last year ( -0.7% with -9 thousand contracts). Business services, tourism, the food and chemical-pharmaceutical industries were down in the quarter. The difficulty of finding it remains high, affecting 47.5% of the expected recruitments, around 6 points more than in August 2022 when this indicator stood at 41.6%. Outlining this scenario is the Bulletin of the Excelsior information system, produced by Unioncamere and Anpal, which elaborates the employment forecasts for August.

In August, the industry as a whole is looking for around 84,000 workers and expects 389,000 hirings in the August-October quarter. For manufacturing, which is looking for 56,000 workers in the month and 247,000 in the quarter, the largest job opportunities are offered by the mechatronics industries which are looking for 14,000 workers in the month and 62,000 in the quarter, followed by the food, beverage and tobacco industries ( 12 thousand in the month and 40 thousand in the quarter) and metallurgical and metal products (10 thousand in the month and 49 thousand in the quarter).

The demand for labor from the construction sector, then, stands at around 28 thousand hires in the month and around 142 thousand hires in the quarter. On the other hand, there are 209,000 employment contracts envisaged by the service sector in the current month and over 892,000 in the August-October quarter.

It is tourism that offers the greatest employment opportunities with almost 62,000 workers wanted in the month and around 200,000 in the quarter, followed by the personal services sector (just under 38,000 in the month and around 223,000 in the quarter), by commerce (37,000 in the month and 162 thousand in the quarter) and operational support services for businesses and individuals (27 thousand in the month and 106 thousand in the quarter).