World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 today on TV: times and program 23 August

Tortu and Desalu make their debut in the 200m heats. Afternoon with 4 finals

After Gianmarco Tamberi’s gold in the men’s high jump final, the Budapest 2023 Athletics World Championships give away today – August 23 – another day with many athletes on the track and on the platform in the races live on Rai and Sky TV. The program opens at 10.05 with the batteries of the female 800m: on the track Elena Bellò and Eloisa Coiro. At 10.15 in the pole vault qualifications it’s Claudio Stecchi’s turn. Then, at 11.15am qualification of the long with the 18 year old Mattia Furlani: “I found a truly incredible atmosphere here, it’s my first experience in the world of grown-ups and I’m coming back motivated by the victory at the under-20 European Championships in Jerusalem after a super match. The fire is always there, I enter the platform loaded. I don’t I’ll settle for nothing, I’ll try to do my best to get into the final This season I reached 8.44 windy at the meeting in Savona: a huge leap, with some regrets about the wind, but I hope to be able to repeat it in the future “, says the baby.

At 11.20 spotlights on the batteries of the women’s 200, with Dalia Kaddari. At 12.15 instead the batteries of the men’s 200 are scheduled with Fausto Desalu and Filippo Tortu. “Goal? To go to the final, but it was like that when I ran in 20.61 a couple of months ago at the European team championships. I also aim to go under 20 seconds, because I think a time around 19.95 could be needed for the final,” he says Torture.

In the women’s hammer, at 7 pm, qualifications for the European bronze Sara Fantini. The Battocletti-Cavalli couple competes in the batteries of the female 5000m. Triple players Dariya Derkach and Ottavia Cestonaro are looking for a pass to the final. Elisa Molinarolo, in the final of the women’s auction, is looking for a prestigious result.


10.05 – Women’s 800 meters – Heats: Bellò, Coiro;

10.15 – Men’s auction – Qualification: Stecchi;

10.20 – Women’s javelin – Qualification;

11.15 – Long men – Qualification: Furlani;

11.20 – 200 meters women – Heats: Kaddari;

11.55 – Women’s javelin – Qualification;

12.15 – Men’s 200 meters – Heats: Desalu, Tortu;

19.00 – Women’s Hammer – Qualification A: Jockeys;

19.02 – Women’s 5000 meters – Heats: Battocletti, Cavalli;

19.10 – Women’s triple – Qualification: Cestonaro, Derkach;

19.30 – Women’s auction – Final: Molinarolo;

19.53 – 3000 female hedges – Batteries;

20.35 – Female Hammer – Qualification B;

20.40 – 100 hs women – Semifinals;

21.15 – Men’s 1500 meters – Final;

21.35 – Women’s 400 meters – Final;

21.50 – Men’s 400m hurdles – Final.


The races of today 23 August at the Budapest 2023 Athletics World Championships will be broadcast live by RaiSport from 9.55 to 13.30. On Rai 2 live in the clear from 18.55 to 20.30, passage on RaiSport from 20.30 to 21.00 before closing on Rai2 from 21 to 22.

Sky Sport Summer and Sky Sport Arena will broadcast the morning matches, for Sky subscribers, from 10 to 13.30 and then from 18.35 to 21.00. From 21.00 to 22.45 live on Sky Sport Arena.

On Eurosport 1, live coverage of the races from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 18.30 to 22.30.