World Cup 2022, Bartoletti: “Adani? A technical voice must never feel more important than a commentator”

“He must continue to be Adani but must remember the context in which he operates”

Lele Adani’s controversial commentary? “I think a technical voice in principle he should never feel more important than the commentator. The discourse is one of complementarity, but in this discourse of complementarity there is a first voice and a second voice. It is clear that Adani must continue to be Adani, but he must remember the context in which he operates”. Word of Marino Bartoletti which at Adnkronos thus summarizes the controversies that have arisen regarding the commentary by Lele Adani, second technical voice of Rai at the 2022 World Cup and protagonist of a social and media debate on the tenor of his comments in the match exploded at the end of Argentina – Mexico.

“I think I’m a man of the world – says the well-known sports journalist – I too think that Adani’s director, and perhaps she did, should tell him ‘compose yourself for a moment, because you don’t make those next to you look good. you, to the narration of a World Cup But it is obvious that the moment you sign Adani, it is quite evident that he act like Adani, especially when Argentina is involved.”

In medio stat virtus, explains Bartoletti, also because “depending on the mood, one passes quickly from ‘how boring are the commentary of these Rai, do you want to put those of Sky’ to ‘wow, we have to suspend this because it makes so much confusion’. Obviously the middle ground would be desirable.” In conclusion, explains the journalist, “I too think that has slightly exceeded and made me smile, knowing very well Stefano Bizzottothe big funny screeching between my big and composed friend and Adani’s euphoria.”

The well-known journalist and sports commentator then makes an all-round analysis of these World Cups with Adnkronos, controversies included. “Notwithstanding the disgust for the place we ended up in, I also belong to the party of those who, after being decidedly angry about the sale that football has made of themselves, also think that get outraged nowat the dawn of November 2022 when this thing has been known for simply 12 years Seems bordering on hypocritical to me“, says the sports journalist. Now, therefore, “let’s try to export healthy values ​​anyway – Bartoletti articulates – which at this point are made up of little big messages that are an amplification in the world of critical issues, let’s call them that way with elegance, of the place that hosts us”.

Having said that, “even starting from a bit of coldness as in my case, you take a look at the matches and it is clear that you cannot help but be passionate about what you see. Because I think it’s a really good World Cup from a football point of view, very colorful and with excellent possibilities of a great outcome whatever it is”, is the opinion of the expert reporter. Who on Leo Messi, and his brilliant performance in Argentina – Mexico, analyzes: “The great screenwriter of life and football he made sure that he saw it badly and then made it clear to the world that what has always been said is not true, that is, that he never took his national team by the hand. The great difference between Messi and Maradona was that Messi had won teams that perhaps would have won the same, Maradona has won teams that would never have won. Here, with the goal of the other night in Argentina – Mexico, Messi has maradonized himself‘. All of a sudden, it wasn’t Argentina 1-0 Mexico but Messi 1-0 Mexico”.

And making a prediction, or rather a hope, Bartoletti explains: “You may say I’m a dreamer, as John Lennon said. Well, the dreamer in me, it being understood that the favorite team cannot fail be the team that has Mbappé, I hope in an Argentina – Portugal final, because Argentina is still one of the favorites and Portugal is the first of the outsiders. And so, in this final ordeal between Messi and Ronaldowe’ll get rid of the thought of knowing who was really the greatest.”