World Cup 2022, online interest grows: Infantino rejected

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Despite the failure of our national football team to qualify, the Italians are showing great interest in the World Cup which begins today in Qatar. This is what emerges from a research by SocialCom which, with the help of the Blogmeter platform, analyzed the conversations for Adnkronos in the week that preceded the start of the most watched sports competition in the world.

In the period between November 13 and 19, significant volumes of conversations were recorded: over 97K mentions (original posts on public pages), which produced around 29 million interactions (reactions, comments, shares). Compared to the previous week, the increase in conversations was 65.21%, while that of interactions was 85%. No other topic, in the week just ended, has generated so much interest. By comparing the interactions between the various issues examined, it was found that those produced by the “World Cup” theme were twenty times higher than the “Covid” theme, eight times higher than the “war” theme and over five times compared to topics such as “Government”, “USA” or “Black Friday”.

The sentiment towards the event is mainly positive (60.62%). Only 28.24% talk about it using negative terms, while 11.14% are equidistant (neutral). Conversations are carried on mainly by male users (72%). However, it is women (59.19%) who express a more positive sentiment. On the other hand, the interest among young and very young people is high. Instagram and TikTok are the social networks where 78% of total interactions are produced in the last week.

In addition to the classic predictions on who will win the competition, the subject is talked about above all in relation to Italy’s failure to qualify, a sign that among the Azzurri fans there is still strong disappointment at having to watch the competition matches from third party spectators. There is much discussion, then, of the rumors according to which the fans present in Qatar are actually extras paid by the organizers of the event. On the subject, users show a lot of hilarity. Finally, the interest in the figure of Gianni Infantino after the press conference of the past few days and in the role of Fifa is moderate.

A focus was precisely on this last theme. Internet users do not seem to have appreciated the Fifa President’s words, seen as a “moral lesson” seasoned with “hypocrisy”. As proof of this, the fact that the negative sentiment towards Gianni Infantino (79%) is clearly higher than that recorded towards Fifa (60%) understood as the main institution in the world of football.