World Cup 2022, Ravera: ”Beautiful female referee, let’s see if players will accept her rules”

The writer: ”In the midst of genocide, girls must challenge their captors”

”It’s nice that there is a female refereelet’s see if i players they will accept that a woman guarantees the rules, to judge who is wrong”. Thus at Adnkronos the writer and journalist Lidia Ravera, who has always been committed to women’s rights, on the choice of a woman appointed to arbitrate, for the first time in history a Men’s Soccer World Cupthe match Costa Rica-Germany which will be played tomorrow. ”Football like politics” she says Writer – are still managed, in the world, like a giant men’s club. We know it. But, right now, they have to open the doors to women, show them, place them in top positions, illuminate their diversity and their achievements. We are living in the middle of a genocide of girls – he underlines – We must challenge their captors by any means. As long as there is only one woman discriminated against as a woman, we will not be able to tell each other free and equal”, concludes Ravera.

(by Alisa Toaff)