World Cup 2022, when money doesn’t buy results: Qatar worst ever

When money doesn’t bring happiness… Qatar, with the defeat against Senegal for 3 to 1 and after that in the opening match against Ecuador for 2 to 0, is out of its world championships and is making history breaking negative records. Until now, only one host country, South Africa, had failed to get past the group stage since they were introduced in 1950. The ‘Bafana bafana’ were eliminated with 4 points after drawing against Mexico, losing to Mexico. ‘Uruguay and won against France.

In the history of the World Cup, excluding South Africa and Qatar, all the organizing countries have always managed to pass the days and indeed 6 times they have become world champions: Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1934, England in 1966, the West Germany in 1974, Argentina in 1978 and France in 1998.

But Qatar’s negative records don’t stop there. The worst number of points recorded by an organizing country was held so far by South Africa with 4 points and Qatar will surely surpass that negative record, even by beating the Netherlands in the last match of the group since they can at most reach 3 points. Not only. Qatar, with 5 goals conceded, has already caught up with South Africa which in 2010 was the organizing country to have recorded the highest number of goals. But Qatar still has to play the last match of the group on Tuesday against the Netherlands and could overcome this new negative record. In terms of goals scored, Qatar with only one goal scored, is the organizing country to have scored the fewest goals. It could still overtake Switzerland, which in 1954 had recorded the negative record in days (then Switzerland had lost in the quarter-finals 7 to 5 against Austria).