World Cup 2030, Zoff: “In 3 continents it’s strange. In my opinion it loses value”

The former world champion to Adnkronos: “It went well against Celtic at Lazio yesterday, he has the potential to go back up in the championship”

A World Cup football spread across three continents and six nations, like the one in 2030, “it seems strange to me, if there is a reason it could be to try to involve the world. But it continues to seem strange to me”. He says it Dino Zoff, former pillar of the Italian national football team, to Adnkronos. “I’m old, but the World Cup concentrated in one nation seemed right to me. If they now choose to spread it around the world, the World Cup itself loses its value. I believe there should always be a center.”

In 2030, the World Cup will be played, FIFA decided yesterday, in “three continents and six countries, inviting the whole world to join in the celebration of the beautiful game, the Centenary and the World Cup”. In concrete terms the teams will have to move between Morocco, Portugal and Spain, the centenary celebration ceremony is scheduled in Montevideo, where it took place the first World Cup in 1930, with three matches in South America, Uruguay, as well as Argentina and Paraguay.

The former world champion also had the opportunity to talk about “his” Lazio, after yesterday’s performance in the Champions League against Celtic: stroke of luck? “Well, in my opinion it went well for him. In football it doesn’t usually happen, in fact it’s rare, but it’s a matter of things, it can happen. However, the match was quite balanced. Positive signs in terms of the championship? Yes, La Lazio has all the potential to go back up”, replies the former goalkeeper.