World Day of Peace, Pope Francis: “Whoever wounds a single woman profanes God”

“Every society needs to welcome the gift of the woman, of every woman: to respect her, protect her, value her, knowing that whoever hurts a single woman profanes God, born of a woman”. Pope Francis said this in the homily of the first mass of 2024 in St. Peter’s, on the day in which the Church celebrates the World Day of Peace, in the presence of 7 thousand faithful. This year’s anniversary, the Pontiff wrote on

“May the world look to mothers to find peace”

Women and mothers can help the world find the path to peace again, the Pope underlines in his homily: “The world needs to look to mothers and women to find peace, to escape from the spirals of violence and hatred , and return to having human gazes and hearts that see”. Then the Pontiff invites the Church to make room for women: “The Church needs Mary to rediscover her own feminine face: to be more like her who, as a woman, Virgin and Mother, represents her model and perfect figure; to make space for women and be generative through a pastoral care made of care and concern, patience and maternal courage”.