World Guinness World Record Day, the strangest records in the world

Year after year, Guinness World Records continues to certify records of all kinds. On the occasion of Guinness World Records Day, which this year is celebrated on November 8, we look back at the strangest titles awarded throughout the history of the recognition.

All the Simpsons records

Guinness World Records has awarded The Simpsons as the longest-running animated series to date. From the first episode broadcast on April 19, 1987, the adventures of the most dysfunctional family on TV continued for 34 seasons, for a total of 755 episodes. In 2019 it broke the record as the animated series with the most Emmy Awards won. On April 22, 2020, it achieved another record, the one with the highest number of guest stars: there are at least 810 cameos by famous people in the episodes.

The longest chain with chewing gum wrappers

Gary Michael Duschl has captured the 2021 Guinness World Records for the longest chain made from chewing gum wrappers. The company began in 1965, when this type of construction was particularly fashionable. While the world began to lose interest in the matter, Gary continued to weave his chain, reaching a length of 32,555.68 meters.

Very long Yak horns

In 2020, Guinness World Records judges named Jericho the yak with the longest horns in the world. The animal is located in Welch, Minnesota. It boasts 346.4 cm long horns. The owners – Melodee Smith and Hugh Smith – came into possession of the animal in 2014, given to them by a friend who had decided to retire.

The most tattooed man

Lucky Diamond Rich’s skin is the most tattooed in the world. The record was awarded again in 2019, even though the Australian has been in the rankings for over a decade. The latest examination by Guinness World Records judges showed that Rich’s skin is completely tattooed from head to toe.

A 430 kilo profiterole

In September 2019 Latina entered the Guinness Book of Records thanks to a 430 kilo profiterole. The dessert was prepared with nine thousand cream puffs, two hundred kilos of Chantilly cream and two hundred kilos of chocolate icing. Airola’s previous Swiss record of 253 kilos, set in March 2019, has been beaten.

The record for simultaneous haircut

At the beginning of August 2019, the streets of Shenyang, in the province of Liaoning, were filled with hair stylists who put themselves to the test with a simultaneous haircut to conquer the Guinness World Record. A total of 1,400 hairdressers broke the previous record of 2012, when “only” 1,200 hair stylists cut hair at the same time.

The world record for “planking”

On May 18, 2019, Canadian Dana Glowacka set a new women’s world record for planking, resting on her forearms and toes for 4 hours and 20 minutes. The previous record, of 3 hours and 31 minutes, was set in 2015 by the Cypriot Maria Kalimera.

The largest pumpkin in the world

Weighs more than a ton and is the largest pumpkin ever grown in the United States. It entered the records thanks to the meticulous work of Travis Gienger who transformed it into the largest Halloween Jack o’ lantern in the world: it has the appearance of an eagle and holds two stars and stripes flags between its paws. Huge and patriotic.

Browse at Guinness in Bologna

Another record in the kitchen and another Italian record. This is the 120 meter pastry rolled with a rolling pin at Fico Eataly World, the food theme park in Bologna, in May 2019. The creator of the record was a “dream team” of egg pasta from 10 regions.

The longest tiramisu in the world is Milanese

For another record-breaking dessert, we still remain in Italy: the longest tiramisu in the world, made in March 2019, is in fact Milanese. It measures 273.5 meters and was prepared by 30 pastry chefs, with 50 thousand ladyfingers for a total of 15 thousand portions .

The shortest bus driver in the world

Frank Faeek Hachem, 57, is the shortest bus driver in the world. He lives in Hampshire, UK, and works on buses despite being only 136.2cm tall. After obtaining his normal license in 1989, Hachem obtained his bus license in 2017. The record was set on February 5, 2018.

Star Wars, record-breaking installation

More than 36 thousand Stormtrooper figurines to make up the figure of a huge Stormtrooper helmet. This is a Guinness World Record installation that Lego created at the “Star Wars Celebration 2019” in Chicago. The installation took 13 people and 38 hours of work to complete.

The tallest wave in the world

The Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa entered the Guinness Book of Records for having surfed a wave of over 24 meters in November 2017. An unprecedented feat in this sport. Koxa, 39 years old, thus surpassed the record of over 23 meters set in 2011.

The largest panettone in the world

Milan is once again the protagonist of the Guinness World records with its largest panettone in the world, prepared in December 2018: a diameter of 115 centimeters and one and a half meters high. It took over 100 hours of work to make it.

The richest cat in the world

In 1988, upon the death of his master, Blackie he inherited $12.5 million, becoming the richest cat in the world. He was the last survivor of a litter of 15 cats and was the chosen one to inherit the fortune of his master, an antiques dealer who excluded his family from the will, devoting everything to the feline, or rather to the associations that should have looked after him.

The largest house of cards

In 1992 Bryan Berg took the record for the largest playing card house in the world. He was able to build 75 floors. The building was constructed with 91,800 papers and was 7.71 meters high. In 2007 Berg improved his own record, building another 7.86 meter vessel. In a 2012 video she revealed some of his tricks.

The greatest amount of milkshake expelled from the nose

In August 1999 Gary Bashaw Jr recorded a rather curious record. By placing some chocolate milkshake mix in her mouth, she then let 54ml of the shake come out of her nostril.

The largest collection of garden gnomes

If the father of the protagonist of “Amélie” was worried about his globetrotting garden gnome, Ann Atkins it holds its own tightly, so much so that in 2000 it achieved the record, with 2,010 examples. She also bettered that in 2011, reaching 2,042. All of lei’s gnomes live with lei in lei’s Gnome Reserve in Devon, UK.

The longest nails in the world

The longest nails in the world belong to Diana Armstrong, 64 years old. They are about one meter and 30 centimeters long and have not been cut for 25 years. She herself said that she had always loved her long nails, but that she decided not to cut them anymore after the death of one of her daughters in 1997.

The Lego prosthesis

David Aguilar was only 9 years old when he developed the first prosthetic arm. Special features? It was all made of Lego. David was born in Andorra and suffers from Poland syndrome, due to which he is missing his right forearm. Trying to overlook the criticisms of the bullies, he decided to combine his passion for plastic bricks with a necessity. Thanks to the help of his father, he created the first Lego prosthesis in the world.

Rubik’s cube champion

Mark Park is 21 years old and one of the fastest speedcubers in the world. It means that he is able to solve the famous Rubik’s Cube puzzle in a time that is unthinkable for a mere mortal. Mark, who suffers from autism, currently holds 9 world records and can easily solve cubes of different sizes. For example, he can solve a 4x4x4 cube (the classic model with four cubes per side) in just 21 seconds and 11 cents.