World of cinema in mourning, the famous actress died: her son announces it on social media

The famous actress has died, her son announces it on social media: tragic mourning in the world of cinema, the news has left stunned.

A few days after the dramatic death of the beloved performer of Titanic, another tragic mourning shakes all cinema lovers. The famous and appreciated actress is, unfortunately, dead. It was her daughter who made the announcement on her official social channel.

Dead actress. Credits: Instagram

A truly painful news, the one that the son of the famous actress had to give to his social supporters, announcing the death of his mother. According to what is learned, it would seem that her death occurred from natural causes despite her advanced age and compromised health conditions due to a previous stroke.

As had happened for the very young actress and singer found dead by her son at the age of 44, also in this case the news literally shocked everyone. Face of a beloved film, the actress boasted of a truly reckless success. It is precisely for this reason that the news of her death has stunned many admirers. On her social networks, in fact, there were really many who wanted to remember her with a shot of that same character who made her famous and dedicate sweet words of esteem and admiration to her. What are we going to talk about? We are sure that you too will be speechless when you find out who we are talking about.

The famous actress is dead: dramatic news

The famous actress who recently died was 89 years old, but she could boast of a truly sensational career behind her. Begun to take her first steps in this world at a very young age, the actress was able to easily make a name for herself. Many, in fact, are the clothes of her dressed by her and equally numerous are those roles that seemed to fit her perfectly. Unfortunately, however, life is also this. And, almost seven years after the stroke that hit her, the famous actress died. To explain everything in detail, as we said previously, it was his son on his official social channel. Through a note, the young man announced the disappearance of his mother. “Last night she died of natural causes”, he wrote. Are you wondering who are we talking about?

The famous actress Nichelle Nichols died at the age of 89. Her name isn’t new to you at all, is it? You are absolutely right! We are talking about the interpreter who played Uhra in the movie Star Trek and who was able to collect an impressive success for the figure of her in a historical context that is not at all easy in the United States.

famous actress died
Nichelle Nichols. Credits: Instagram

The news of his death, as we said earlier, left all his admirers speechless. To the pain of the family, ours is also added.