World Pizza Day, the quality of Italian flours the basis of success

Approximately 450,000 tons of flour are destined for the production of over 3 billion pizzas

Every year, in Italy, around 450,000 tons of flour are destined for the production of over 3 billion pizzas. This was highlighted by Italmopa-Associazione Industriali Mugnai d’Italia (a member of Federalimentare and Confindustria) on World Pizza Day which is celebrated every year on January 17, on the occasion of the feast of Sant’Antonio Abate, protector of pizza makers and bakers. “Pizza – together with pasta – constitutes the flag of Italian gastronomic culture in the world”, underlines Andrea Valente, Italmopa President.

“A sublime food that contains the main ingredients of Made in Italy food: authenticity, flavour, aromas and conviviality. And we are proud, as millers, to be able to contribute, with our flours, whose incomparable quality and versatility is also unanimously appreciated on foreign markets, to the success of a product such as pizza which has become, due to its characteristics, an emblem of global food and of the integration between the various cultures”.

Flour, recalls Italmopa, is the main ingredient of pizza. The most common and the most used in the classic dough undoubtedly remains the soft wheat flour declined in its various types: fortunately, there are no universal rules and every pizza chef will be free to experiment, within certain limits, with his own dough, being intended that the choice of the appropriate flour is in any case strictly conditioned by the type and characteristics of the final product to be obtained and by the processing systems adopted.