World Water Day: Acea launches the “Every drop of water” campaign

Water is a precious commodity and cannot be wasted, so important that it has earned the nickname of Blue Gold. World Water Day has been celebrated since 1992 and today more than ever the issue of water resource management, in the light of climate change and the global water crisis, constitutes an area of ​​growing and shared interest, involving institutions, business sector and citizens. This is the main topic of the scientific conference “Water: the Earth thirsts for concrete actions” organized by the University of Rome “Foro Italico” held at the National Library of Rome on the occasion of World Water Day. Italy is the European country with the greatest coastal development and so far serious planning on the water front has been neglected” explains the Minister for Civil Protection and Marine Policies, Nello Musumeci. “Today’s is an important opportunity for discussion between public and private entities to determine the critical issues and possible solutions. Drought is no longer a round table theme, we live with it”. On the occasion of World Water Day, there are various initiatives put in place by the ACEA Group to raise awareness of the conscious use of water resources. Acea, the leading water operator in Italy with over nine million inhabitants, is launching “Every Drop of Water”, a campaign aimed at spreading a culture that respects the water resource nationwide, promoting virtuous behavior to reduce waste. “Behaviours today can make the difference. In Italy we are the first consumers of water compared to the European average, we consume almost 30% more than in France and almost 40% more than in Germany” said the CEO of Acea, Fabrizio Palermo. In 2022, water losses in Rome dropped to 27% compared to a national average of 42%. “On the infrastructure front, the project to double the Peschiera aqueduct was unblocked, “one of the largest in Europe which will make it possible to secure the water supply of central Lazio and the capital” through an investment of 1.2 billion euros. Again in the water sector, underlines the company, 24 projects have been approved within the framework of the Pnrr, for a total value of around 560 million euros. The earth needs concrete actions and possible solutions must be sought through collaboration between the parties, from politics to industry, from finance to agriculture to technological start-ups, up to schools to educate the new generations in sustainability, even if the outgoing generations should be educated more because we can all make a difference.