Written against La Russa, Meloni: “Climate of hatred, our commitment is to unite”

“In a headquarters of the Brothers of Italy written against him, signed with a 5-pointed star. I hope that the sense of responsibility of politics prevails over ideological hatred”

“The first words of Ignazio La Russa as President of the Senate were those of a man who knows the weight of the institutions well and who will do everything to represent the second position of the state with impartiality and authority. Yet several politicians have decided to make him a target, as a person and for his ideas, rekindling a climate of hatred, already well fed during an electoral campaign built on the demonization of the political opponent “. Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fdi, writes it on Fb.

“AND thus, it happens that in a branch of the Brothers of Italy appears an inscription against him, signed with the 5-pointed star, a clear reference to dramatic years that we do not want to relive. The our commitment will be to unite the nation, not to divide it as someone is trying to do. I hope that the sense of responsibility of politics prevails over ideological hatred, because Italy and the Italians must go back to racing, together “.

For the leader of the League Matteo Salvini “the left is not resigned and attacks with violence the second and third positions of the state, just democratically elected. A climate of hatred that has been going on for months and that continues to produce physical attacks, threats and insults, at a time when it would be necessary unity and serenity, in Italy and in the world. The League and the center-right will respond with a smile and work to these violent attacks, and I am sure that even between Giorgia and Silvio the harmony that will be fundamental for governing, well and together, will return. the next five years “.

“The dismal messages of red terrorism are back. The threats signed by BR against the president of the Senate represent a dangerous signal of a new possible hate campaign that must be stopped immediately. I am in solidarity with Ignazio La Russa” writes the national coordinator of Fi , Antonio Tajani.