‘Wrong times’, the new podcast by Gruppo Cap aimed at generation Z

To talk about the environment, climate and sustainable development. Sofia Pasotto did the honors

After the experience of The Source, Gruppo Cap is back with a new podcast, “Tempi Sbagliati”, to talk to the youngest about the environment, climate and sustainable development. The honors were Sofia Pasotto, a very young environmental popularizer and tiktoker in dialogue with six personalities of art, design, fashion and institutions. The podcast takes you on a journey to discover what it means to be concerned with sustainability when holding positions of responsibility.

Produced by Dude Originals for Gruppo Cap, manager of the water service of the Metropolitan City of Milan, “Tempi Sbagliati” aims to speak in the present to tell a very close future, to sensitize people, and in particular generation Z, to consumption aware of water and all the resources we are taking for granted. Available from 20 September on all major streaming platforms, in “Wrong Times” we talk about the present of the planet and above all the future that awaits us if we don’t really start to care about sustainability.

But how much is it about personal responsibility and how much about mechanisms and dynamics greater than us? Do we still have some hope or the times are starting to get wrong? Sofia Pasotto chats with experts who touch daily the difficulties and possibilities related to sustainability, between Present Compromise, Ambiguous Past, Active Imperative and Possible Future, the four pillars around which each episode develops.

“Tempi Sbagliati” explores different areas of sustainability through heterogeneous voices: from the world of design with Rossana Orlandi to fashion with Simon Giuliani, through that of starred chef Pietro Leeman, from the world of energy by Sara Capuzzo di ènostra, that of institutions with Andrea Guerrini of Arera and industry and utilities with Alessandro Russo of Gruppo Cap.

Sofia Pasotto, 22, graduated in international studies at the University of Trento, student of the Master of Science in Climate Change, at the University of Copenhagen, is a young popularizer, tiktoker and environmental activist. On TikTok, where she has 50 thousand followers, she makes videos through which she shares messages for environmental protection and tries to explain what are the daily gestures that each of us can put into practice to do something in first person to counter the effects of the climate change.

Tempi Sbagliati is the third podcast produced by Gruppo Cap. One year he made “The Source”, the first Italian climate fiction podcast that tells the effects and consequences of climate change in a hot Italian summer of 2035. In June 2022 he “Capirci un Tubo” launched, the first scientific dissemination podcast entirely dedicated to water, from tap water to that on Mars and in space. These podcasts can also be heard on all major podcasting and streaming platforms. All her information and links to listen to the podcast can be found on Gruppo Cap / Tempi Sbagliati

These are in detail the episodes of “Tempi Sbagliati”. Design and kindness with Rossana Orlandi: Sofia tries to answer a question, should we be afraid of plastic? According to Rossana Orlandi, design guru and style icon, we just need to know how to use it well, as demonstrated by the RoGuiltlessPlastic initiative. Fashion and innovation with Simon Giuliani: Simon and Sofia discuss the beauty of sustainable fashion and the importance of conscious choices, starting from Simon’s experience as Global Marketing Director in Candiani SpA, world leader in the production of high-end denim.

Nutrition and simplicity with Pietro Leeman: Sofia chats with Pietro Leemann, an enlightened chef who in 1989 founded Joia, the first restaurant in Europe to earn a Michelin star with a totally vegetarian cuisine. Energy and new generations with Sara Capuzzo: Sara Capuzzo, president of ènostra, talks about what energy communities are and together with Sofia she guides us through the complicated world of sustainable energy.

Water and small, big gestures with Alessandro Russo: where does the water go when it starts flowing from the tap? Can we use it to get clean energy? Why is it important not to waste it and how can we avoid doing it? Alessandro Russo, Chairman and CEO of the Cap Group explains it to us. Finally, Resources and Responsibilities with Andrea Guerrini: Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, has the function of encouraging the development of competitive markets in the electricity supply chains, natural gas and drinking water, district heating / cooling and waste disposal. Andrea Guerrini talks about it, who with Sofia sheds light on the precious protection service he carries out.