X, Elon Musk presents a new chatbox: it’s called “Grok”

The renewal process of start, available only to the highest tier of subscribers.

What is “Grok”

This is “a huge advantage compared to other models” because “he loves sarcasm”, said the millionaire owner of Tesla, in a post on X. Why “Grok”? The name is taken from the 1961 science fiction novel, written by Robert Heinlein, entitled “Stranger in a strange land” and means “understanding something completely and intuitively”. As confirmed by Musk himself, “the system will be available to all X Premium+ subscribers”, i.e. those who have subscribed to the $16 monthly plan launched just a few days ago. The system, Musk added, “is designed to give fun answers”, the millionaire said, posting a screenshot on social media in which a user asked to interface with the chatbox.

Deactivated accounts put back on sale

Among the news that should concern X, also the decision to put deactivated accounts back on sale. According to Forbes, in fact, the platform has decided to offer for purchase usernames that have been deactivated because they are no longer used. The rumors speak of a possible request that would start from “a fee of 50,000 dollars as an initial offer”. With this in mind, last May, Musk announced that However, the platform changed its mind, establishing that members must log in at least once every 30 days to remain active and avoid having their accounts suspended or permanently removed. According to Forbes, however, the purchase of a username is not intended for everyone but for a precise validation process. This is to prevent any attackers from exploiting an account that, no longer active, had a following in the past.