X Factor 2021, Erio (surprisingly) leaves the scene. VIDEO

In the episode that establishes the finalists of this edition of the Sky show produced by Fremantle (PHOTO), the competitor of Agnelli’s roster (the only one to arrive at the penultimate stage of this adventure with two competitors) leaves the race just a step away from the finish line. Erio is out of the game after finishing the ballot with BALTIMORA. It seems impossible that something has gone wrong, but so be it. The Livorno performer has to leave the musical talent show just a stone’s throw from the final. Despite all the positive feedback and compliments received so far, Erio does not pass the shift. The final choice, the most difficult, is on the shoulders of the jury. “We are facing two very different profiles but both excellent, I eliminate Erio”, comments Mika, and Emma echoes him sharing the difficult decision. FELLOW, Bengala Fire, gIANMARIA, BALTIMORA are the finalists of X Factor 2021. Manuel Agnelli does not hold back his total disappointment: “The release of Erio for me is a failure, mine and the broadcast”. Colleagues disagree, we cannot speak of failure, but the games are done and Erio (confused by his own admission), thanks him before leaving the stage.

the duet with the List Representative

Erio opens the challenge with a duet that puts the chills. The talent of Manuel Agnelli he performs on the notes of “Amare” together with the duo The Representative of List. The song of the band it is certified Platinum and has been at the top of the radio charts for months. The singer Veronica Lucchesi and the multi-instrumentalist Dario Mangiaracina together with Erio, they form a perfect trio, theirs is a literally magical performance.

Once again the thirty-five year old from Livorno gives all of himself, to the judges and to the public who adore him. On stage Fabiano Franovich has no rivals, music is definitely the art through which he manages to express himself at best, he has shown it episode after episode, since his debut. From that moment (VIDEO) in which he presented himself to the selections with the insidious cover of “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis, Mika’s favorite song, he didn’t miss a single one. The inimitable aplomb, the ease with which he moves, the skill and confidence he transmits make him an artist with a capital A. It matters little if he appears “too” introverted.

the judges’ comments

Emma: ”I confirm what I have said up to now, you are a very intimate and particular artist, a great transformer. I found you in line with a song not yours tonight. I heard some perfect harmonizations and this makes it clear that you are your voice, congratulations ”.

Mika: “I like you very much, your sincerity and your voice is physiologically unique, different from everyone else, the sound is fantastic, you got involved with a pop song, but for me I lacked a bit of total freedom, enjoy that what are you doing”.

Hell Raton: “Very good, you have accepted the challenge, and I agree with what Mika says, you have to let yourself go because you can afford it, you are breaking everything, really”.

Manuel Agnelli: “Erio is introverted, he doesn’t have to transform and become a trapeze artist or who knows who else, he has to be what he is, that’s his most open version, with all the natural delicacy he has, I’m very happy for you, good Erio” .

the cover of Radiohead, Amore Vero and the exit from the scene

The performance of Erio on the notes of Radiohead convinces the judges, and certainly does not suggest the imminent elimination. Emma keeps repeating the same things from day one, “Erio is a complex artist and has never had a moment of bewilderment, like all complex artists it is difficult to keep up with him. You are like faith, you have to believe in yourself, you are a great artist and it is right that you carry on your art. “For Mika, Erio did an extreme thing and says he is happy for him. Manuelito:” You did something extreme and I liked you. “Agnelli reconfirms his admiration for his talent. But at this point we arrive at the unexpected ballot with BALTIMORA. The contestants both sing their own workhorse. To convince is Edoardo Spinsante of the Roster of Hell Raton.

To decide on Erio’s exit from the scene are Emma and Mika according to whom Erio needs to spread his wings elsewhere, “I saw a light in you that has diminished and you need to blow up your wings, the audience c ‘it’s, with all due respect in the world, it’s time to fly out of the X Factor. ” Manuel Agnelli is thrilled: “Erio is the most original element of the whole cast, his sensitivity had to be protected because he is never seen, not on television”. The fellow judges have a different opinion.

Erio’s words

“I would like to thank everyone, the judges first, all the people who listened to me, even those who didn’t compliment me and all those who work behind and in front of the scenes, it was a beautiful human experience and I don’t know what to say. for the rest because I’m a bit confused “.