X Factor 2021, the duets: gIANMARIA sings Spaccacuore with Samuele Bersani

The penultimate stage of this XF2021 adventure (LIVE), sees the singers engaged in two rounds of covers, the first, opened by Erio, consists of five extraordinary duets with great artists, among them Samuel Bersani, among the most important Italian singer-songwriters with a career studded with accolades from audiences and critics, five times winner of the Targa Tenco, the last of which in this year’s edition for his record Cinema Samuele. On the notes of his hit Spaccacuore (“a monument of feelings” in the words of Emma), Samuele Bersani duets with GIANMARIA who hits the mark receiving the dispassionate compliments of the artist. The eighteen-year-old from Vicenza on Emma’s roster, let’s remember him, also received compliments from Vasco Rossi thanks to his interpretation of “Jenny is crazy” (VIDEO), he is visibly excited, but as always lucid, despite the dreamy air that distinguishes him. His is an innate talent, and not just for his judge and mentor Emma. But also and above all for an artist of the caliber of Bersani, “chapeau”!

The dream of GIANMARIA for 2022 he is singing his songs together with his fans, and judging by his path to XF2021, at this point in the competition, we can believe that this desire becomes reality. At least judging by the positive feedback received so far.

the comments of Samuele Bersani and the judges

Samuel Bersani: “I’m very happy to be here, I find similarities with me in gIANMARIA’s writing, the world has changed and music has changed too, but you immediately understand when one knows how to write, and when one does so at just 19 years old, well, cheapau! “

Manuelito: “You are a quick-change guy, today I saw another GIANMARIA, you rewrite every text and receive compliments from Vasco and Bersani, you have always brought sacred monsters and no one has ever told you anything, you have been untouched even by Manuel, really good! “.

Mika: “When you receive a compliment like the one that Samuele Bersani did to you, like that, in public, what else can you add? It is something you will never forget. You have interpreted the piece well, you sing but you do not sing, you do not recite, but you recite, do and do not, it seems an easy gesture, but it is not. Really thank you “.

Manuel Agnelli: ”The presence of Bersani tonight speaks for itself and is the biggest compliment, I like the path you are taking, you are learning a lot of things. I like your attitude, you’re getting rich, bravo ”!

gIANMARIA, FELLOW, Bengala Fire, BALTIMORA are the finalists of X Factor 2021.