X Factor 2021, who are the finalists

On the stage of the Assago Forum on Thursday 9 December will be gIANMARIA (Emma), Baltimora (Hell Raton), Bengala Fire (Manuel Agnelli) and Fellow (Mika). Guests of the evening Maneskin and Coldplay

The 4 finalists of X Factor 2021 are gIANMARIA (Emma roster), Baltimora (Hell Raton roster), Bengala Fire (Manuel Agnelli roster) and Fellow (Mika roster). of the final which will see Maneskin and Coldplay perform as guests. To open the episode of the semifinal, yesterday Thursday 2 December, it was Manuel Agnelli who presented his new song ‘The depth of the abysses’ live on the stage of the Repower Theater with an explosive performance, accompanied by an exceptional band formed by Rodrigo D’erasmo, Beatrice Antolini and surprisingly Little Pieces Of Marmalade, the group that had their team at X Factor last year. The song is contained in the soundtrack of ‘Diabolik’, the Manetti bros film. from 16 December to the cinema.

The episode then went live with a spectacular first heat in which the five singers competing in a duet with Benjamine Clementine, Samuele Bersani, The Representative of Lista, Motta and Fulminacci. Ludovico Tersigni, host of # XF2021, the Sky show produced by Fremantle, dictated the timing of an increasingly tense semi-final. Erio and List’s Representative have a duet on “Amare”, one of the most popular hits of the last year; Fellow and Benjamin Clementine thrilled with their version ‘I Won’t Complain’; gIANMARIA has a duet with Samuele Bersani in a goosebumps performance on ‘Spaccacuore’; Baltimora and Fulminacci surprised with a very personal version of ‘Resistance’; finally, to close the first heat, the Bengala Fire that together with Motta inflamed the stage with “The time that passes happiness”.

The race then continued with the second heat which saw the competitors perform with the covers assigned for them by their own judge: Baltimore brought a rarefied version of “Altrove”, one of Morgan’s manifesto pieces; Bengala Fire put together an energetic mash-up of two rock super hits: The Kinks’ “Sunny Afternoon” from 1967 and The Fratellis “Chelsea Dagger”; Erio proposed a very personal cover of Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”; Fellow performed his own version of Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”; finally gIANMARIA, with the immense and poignant “Alexander Platz”, a piece written by Franco Battiato and brought to success by Milva. At the end of this heat the least voted from the cumulative vote of the entire evening were Baltimore and Erio who then went to the ballot, and it was the latter who had to leave the X Factor stage, unable to reach the dream of the final to the Forum.

Yesterday’s appointment, on Sky Uno / + 1, recorded 451 thousand average spectators with a share of 2.04% (+ 9% compared to the previous episode). With 257,662 total interactions in linear detection, the sixth Live of X Factor 2021 was the most commented television event of the day yesterday. The official hashtag entered the ranking of the Italian Trending Topics during the broadcast remaining, almost always in first position, until Friday morning; Bengala, Gianmaria, Manuel, Erio, Baltimora also appear in this ranking (sources: Talkwalker, Trends24.in).

The highly anticipated appointment with the final is Thursday 9 December always at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno and in simulcast on TV8, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW.