X Factor 2022, last appointment with Audition: who will access the Bootcamps?

Tonight, Thursday 28 September, from 9.15 pm

Third and final appointment with the X Factor 2022 Auditions tonight, Thursday 28 September. Everything is decided in one evening for the last competitors who will perform in front of the table of the new and unprecedented jury with Fedez, Ambra Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico and Rkomi.

After the twists and turns of the last episode, it’s time to find out who will be the last contestants to appear on the X Factor stage and, for the four judges, to issue the latest Audition verdicts. Accompanying the artists on this journey there will be Francesca Michielin who, in the backstage, will collect the comments before and after their performances.

Also in this third episode, on the stage of the Allianz Cloud in Milan, a great variety of genres will arrive and many artists who will propose unpublished songs.

Once the long roundup of artists on stage is over, the contestants who have not fully convinced the judges will have one last chance to make themselves known: they will face the Room Auditions, a step in which they can re-perform in front of the full jury table. Only the best will win access to the Bootcamps, for which each judge will have a roster of 12 singers.

The first of the two Bootcamp episodes is scheduled for next week; to follow, on October 20, the Last Call will be staged, this year with an unprecedented mechanism, in which, for the first time in the history of X Factor, the public will be present. This will be the decisive step for the formation of the four teams of three competitors each who will then face each other during the Live Shows, expected from Thursday 27 October.

The appointment, therefore, for the third episode of X Factor 2022 is set for today Thursday 28 September at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Go. X Factor 2022 is free on TV8 , at button 8 on the remote control, every Wednesday in prime time.