X Factor 2022, the French Saints of Rkomi triumph

Second Beatrice Quinta, third Linda, Tropea ranked fourth

I’m the French Saints the winners of X Factor 2022, the Sky Original show produced by Fremantle. One step away from the triumph, the path of the other finalists stops: Beatrice Quinta second, Linda third, Tropea ranked fourth, respectively from the roster of Dargen D’Amico, Fedez and Ambra Angiolini.

An unstoppable ride that of the French Saints, of the Rkomi roster, the duo composed of Alessandro De Santis (lead vocals, guitar and ukulele) and Mario Francese (backing vocals, keyboards, synthesizer and electric bass). Their music offers a vision of the world in which reality is filtered by a “colored cynicism”, with a gaze in constant oscillation between the collective vital impulse and the need for self-isolation. AX Factor presented themselves in the selections with the unpublished “It’s not so bad”, immediately obtaining the unanimity of the judges. And during Live the unanimity always remained, with them confirming themselves week after week thanks to incredible performances, often completely re-arranging songs like “Creep” by Radiohead, “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye feat. Kimbra and “When We Were Young” by The Killers or classics of Italian song such as “I want you” by Ornella Vanoni, “A street boy” by the Corvi and “What a fantastic story is life” by Antonello Venditti. A ride that saw them protagonists of continuous artistic growth up to the final of the Mediolanum Forum in Assago where they performed a duet with Francesca Michielin on the notes of “California” by Phanotm Planet and a medley with the most significant songs of the their journey which thrilled the audience present at the Forum.

The evening, divided into 3 heats, came alive with 4 extraordinary Duets that featured the competitors each flanked by Francesca Michielin: Beatrice Quinta with “Acida” by Prozac+, Santi Francesi with “California” by Phantom Planet, Tropea with ” Somebody To Love” by Jefferson Airplane and Linda with “Take Me To Church” by Hozier. And to close the round, again the medley of an indefatigable Francesca Michielin who sang “I don’t live by the sea”, “No degree of separation” and “Magnifico”.

An even more tense second heat followed with the Best Of of the most significant songs of the competitors’ journey: Linda performed with “Coraline” by Maneskin, “Waves” by Dean Lewis and “Still Don’t Know My Name” by Labrinth ; Tropea with “Luna” by Verdena, “Together with you I’m fine” by Lucio Battisti and “Asilo Republic” by Vasco Rossi; the French Saints with “A street boy” by the Crows, “I want you” by Ornella Vanoni and “Creep” Radiohead; Beatrice Quinta with “Believe” by Cher, “All my mistakes” by Subsonica and “Pink flowers, peach blossoms” by Lucio Battisti.

The performances of all 4 judges interspersed the tension of the competition with a series of special performances in which they sang their hits: Rkomi brought a set to the stage of #XF2022 with “Mare che non sei”, “Vuoi una mano ” and “Unsurpassed”; Dargen D’Amico made the audience dance with “Patatine”, “Ubriaco di te” and “Dove si balla”; Fedez presented live for the first time the new single “Crisi di stato” and two of its most famous songs, “Bella Storia” and “Sapore”; finally, Ambra who has returned to perform live her cult song “T’appartengo”.

The grand finale saw the head-to-head in the last vote with the unreleased notes of the 4 finalists of #XF2022: Beatrice Quinta sang her super pop hit “Se$$o”, Linda her very delicate “Fiori sui balconies” , the French Saints the sophisticated “It’s not so bad”, the Tropeas the energetic “Cringe inferno”. Singles which, together with those of the other X Factor 2022 competitors, are always available on the X FACTOR MIXTAPE 2022 album (Sony Music Italy) on all digital platforms.

And then the pathos for the final classification, which ended with the envelope and the shower of confetti. To sanction the triumph of the French Saints.