X Factor 2023, everything is ready for the final: duets and guests

Maria Tomba will be on stage with M¥SS KETA, an international duet for SARAFINE who will sing with Ofenbach, Il Solito Dandy will welcome Francesco Gabbani on stage while Stunt Pilots will be with Omar Pedrini

Everything is ready for the final of at 9.15pm on Sky and streaming on NOW. A final clash that will be decided only by the public vote, after the heated confrontation in recent weeks between the judges Fedez, Ambra Angiolini and Dargen D’Amico. Francesca Michielin once again hosts the final.

Finalists and duets: how the final takes place

In the final Fedez and Dargen arrive with two competitors each: the first will lead Maria Tomba (20 year old student originally from Verona and now in Milan, fun and super expansive with always bright and colorful outfits just like her character) and SARAFINE (34 years old Calabrians and then moved to Brussels, who left her job as an administrative assistant for her dream of making a living from music). The second will accompany Il Solito Dandy (30 year old born in Turin and then moved to Rome, a great passion for music passed down to him by his mother and grandfather, with whom he listened to opera music) and Stunt Pilots (power-trio born in 2020 during the pandemic composed of Zo, a 25-year-old guitarist and singer from Milan, Moonet, a 24-year-old bassist and sound engineer from Legnano, near Milan, and Farina, a 24-year-old drummer and visual designer from Salerno).

Three runs will lead to the announcement of the winner. In the first, the 4 singers remaining in the competition will perform, in a seamless carousel, each with a medley of the songs that have marked their path. In the second heat it will be the turn of 4 extraordinary duets: Maria Tomba will be on stage with M¥SS KETA, an artist with over 650 million total streams and fresh from a sold out tour in the major European capitals and a single, ‘PROFUMO’, also highly appreciated in the USA; international duet for SARAFINE who will sing with Ofenbach, the French electronic music duo who conquered the world with over 3 billion career streams and a series of global hits (and 8 Platinum records in Italy); Il Solito Dandy will welcome Francesco Gabbani on stagesinger-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and multi-platinum artist, winner of the Sanremo Festival among the New Proposals, in 2016, and among the Big, in 2017; the Stunt Pilots will be with Omar Pedrinione of the most influential pens of the Italian singer-songwriter scene, who will celebrate 10 years of “Che ci vago a fare a Londra”, the solo album of the artistic rebirth, with an event at the Magazzini Generali in Milan on 18 January.

Afterwards, the four will once again propose the unreleased songs – already available on digital platforms, published for Warner Music Italy – with which they will now be fully on the record market: Maria Tomba will sing her “Crush”, SARAFINE will perform “MALATI DI GIOIA”, The Usual Dandy will perform “Solo Tu” again, the Stunt Pilots will play “Imma Stunt” again. Only at the end of the heats will the ranking that will determine the winner of X Factor 2023 be announced.

Super host

Super guest of the final will be Gianni Morandi. A giant of Italian music with a 60-year career, over 600 songs and 53 million records sold. His tours have taken him to the most prestigious stages in Italy and around the world. He has acted in numerous films and television dramas, and is the first artist who, in addition to having participated in the Sanremo Festival 7 times (winning the 1987 edition together with Enrico Ruggeri and Umberto Tozzi) has also hosted 3 editions in 2011, 2012 and 2023 (the latter alongside Amadeus). This year he has also just returned from a very successful tour, the “Go Gianni Go” which took him between March and September to the main Sports Palaces and some of the most beautiful Italian arenas.