X Factor 2023, Fedez: “Doctors ok to return to live TV”

The rapper will be on air on the Sky show from 26 October

Fedez receives the green light to return to X Factor 2023 and participate in the live shows, starting from 26 October on Sky. “Today they gave me the medical certificate to participate in the X Factor,” says the rapper, in a live broadcast on Instagram, responding to fans who asked him about his health. The 34-year-old has just returned from hospitalization at the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan due to bleeding caused by two ulcers.

“I’m better – he explained – and from next week I will also return to training”, added Fedez. On Instagram, in recent days, the rapper documented the trip to Manchester, with the approval of the doctors after the analyzes and the results of the blood count, to attend the Blink 182 concert. In some stories, Fedez explained that he lost approximately 10 kilos in the last troubled period and in the next few days he will return to physical activity to get back into shape.


Tomorrow, on Sky Uno and Now from 9.15pm, like every Thursday, X Factor 2023 returns: the already recorded episode of Home Visit will be broadcast, in which each judge will have to bring their team from 5 to 3 competitors. In fact, as per tradition, 12 competitors will compete in the first episode of Live.

After the race of Auditions and Bootcamps, at the end of which Fedez, Ambra Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico, Morgan narrowed the list of competitors to 20 artists, 5 for each, here are the Home Visits which will take place in an intimate and ‘private’, very personal, limited only to judges and competitors.

For almost two whole days, the judge and his team will be away from any distraction that takes their attention away from the music.

The 5 artists of each team will have to perform once again in front of their judge, above all they will be able to ask him for advice, speak to each other in a sincere and almost confidential manner in a context far from the lights of a TV studio and the audience in the stands

Fedez will once again listen to Lorenzo Bonfanti, a 30-year-old from Civate (Lecco); Sara Sorrenti, 34 years old of Calabrian origins and now in Brussels; Giulia Petronio, 23 years old from Milan; Maria Tomba, 20 years old from San Bonifacio (Verona) now in Milan; Asia Leva, 18 years old from Sezze (Latina).

Ambra will find herself facing Gaetano De Caro, 16 years old from Casamassima (Bari); the Isobel Kara, two boys aged 23 and 26 from Taranto; Jacopo Martini, 27 years old from Rome; Matteo Pierotti, 24 years old from Rome; Angelica Bove, 20 years old from Milan.

Dargen will meet Andrea Settembre again, a 21 year old Neapolitan; Fabio D’Errico, 33 years old from San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia); the Stunt Pilots, a trio of 24 and 25 year olds living in Berlin; Edoardo Brogi, 26 years old from Montespertoli (Florence); Fabrizio Longobardi, 29 years old from Rome.

Morgan will evaluate the performances of Niccolò Selmi, 22 years old from Lucca; Animaux Formidables, a ‘masked’ couple from Turin; i Manifesto, two boys aged 19 and 20 from Civitavecchia (Rome); Anna Castiglia, 23 years old from Turin; Sickteens, trio of 19 and 20 year olds from Reggio Emilia.