X Factor 2023, the engines warm up between Michielin’s stop and the storm over Morgan

Today the press conference to present the program

X Factor 2023, the engines are warming up waiting for the start of the new edition broadcast starting from September 14th. Fedez, Ambra Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico and Morgan are the judges with Francesca Michielin still doing the honors in the Sky talent show which over the years has launched artists such as Marco Mengoni and Maneskin. If the kick off is Thursday, Meanwhile, the press conference will take place today presentation where the preview of episode n°1 will be screened. In the meantime, they are two in particular were the protagonists of the program who, for very different reasons, gave fans some concern.

The first is Francesca Michielin, who canceled all the tour dates on September 8th due to health problems: after an operation, the doctors suggested that she take a few more weeks before returning to the stage. The singer, who spoke of a “fairly invasive operation” and “increasingly significant abdominal pain, which intensified and became unsustainable”, thus decided to stop and consequently cancel the last summer live dates, promising however to return soon to his audience.

Instead, he ended up in the storm Morgan, who at the end of August became the protagonist of a dispute involving insults and insults aimed at the public present in Selinunte to attend the show ‘Battiato – Segnali di vita e arte’. After the diffusion of videos on social media that documented the artist’s conduct – Have you come to piss me off for giving you something? Make people laugh, you’re stupid… Society is shit made by you, I have feelings! I’m not a character…. Go and see Marrakech, go and see Fedez. Go fuck yourself… You faggot…”, he shouted at a spectator who had made a reproachful request to the singer – Morgan issued a mea culpa, rejecting the accusations of homophobia and also promising half of his salary from X Factor coach to kids rejected by their families because they are gay. “I thought about the importance of welcoming and I would like this concept to also apply to those who, like me, make a mistake”, the singer-songwriter’s words.