X Factor 2023, the eve of the finalists: the interviews by Sky TG24

On the night of Thursday 7 December 2023 we will know the name of the winner of X Factor 2023 (THE SPECIAL). At the end of an intense, beautiful, rewarding artistic journey, there are four left to compete for the title. It’s about SARAFINE, Maria Tomba, The Usual Dandy And Stunt Pilots (DISCOVER THE FINALISTS). We tell you about their moods, their dreams, their sensations on the eve of the final, underlining that everyone, perhaps out of good luck, says that Maria Tomba will win. Except her of course! Antonio Filippellimusical director of , everyone tackled songs that had nothing to do with the initial phase. X Factor It’s a nice gym, it’s an intensive course.” The appointment with the final is Thursday 7 December at 9.15pm on Sky and streaming on NOW and in free-to-air simulcast on TV8. Super guest of the Final will be Gianni Morandi who will bring his energy to the #XF2023 stage. A giant of Italian music with a 60-year career, over 600 songs and 53 million records sold. His tours have taken him to the most prestigious stages in Italy and around the world. He has acted in numerous films and television dramas, and is the first artist who, in addition to having participated in the Sanremo Festival 7 times (winning the 1987 edition together with Enrico Ruggeri and Umberto Tozzi) has also hosted 3 editions in 2011, 2012 and 2023 (the latter alongside Amadeus). This year he has also just returned from a very successful tour, the “Go Gianni Go” which took him between March and September to the main Sports Palaces and some of the most beautiful Italian arenas.

The Usual Dandy: “I’m surprised when it happened, I’m very happy, there has been a lot of growth in recent weeks. Only you (LOOK WHAT HAPPENED IN THE SEMI-FINAL), my unreleased song, is a simple song, written when I was in love, it served to amplify that situation. This is how a simple thing seems complex. I had good relationships with the judges always accompanied by growth exchanges. My future? I don’t see myself in 2024, I hope to be alive which would already be important: now I feel projected onto everything, even on television. I want to start playing in slightly bigger situations, I can’t imagine myself but there are many things I would like to do. I feel like a musical craftsman and in the final I will duet with Francesco Gabbani: we have already rehearsed and it was wonderful. I’m aiming for third or fourth place because it’s the sympathy prize. For the victory I say Maria Tomba”.

Maria Tomba: “I’m very excited, it was a surreal experience from which I never expected anything. The single Crush (WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE SEMI-FINAL) was born one evening at dinner, you know I have a diary and I like to write. My songs are born piano and voice and in the diary there is a world of colors, it is cinematic, it develops through images. Since I was little I attended the church choir and then I tried out at the Zecchino d’Oro but they didn’t take me so I started with some shows and appearances. My family didn’t support me on this path even if in the end they gave me a singing course: I started writing without knowing the notes on the piano. Throughout X Factor, Fedez trusted our artistic vision. I have always loved live shows, I like seeing people’s faces. In the final in the duet with M¥SS KETA you will see another side of me, then she is fantastic. But how I would love to collaborate with Madame!”

SARAFINE: “The unpublished Sick of Joy (WATCH THE SEMI-FINAL PERFORMANCE) was born in two moments, the first dates back to a year ago with a tool that made me assemble the songs easily, consider that I create the music and write separately and then try to assemble it. She stayed there until I felt the need to end it and I went for it. I talked about my generation. I brought the rough version to the auditions, I didn’t know what could come out but after all this process I became aware of how to make things cleaner. I refined it without distorting the original core. And I’m happy to bring her back on stage in the final. With Fedez we had a relationship of construction, he established a sincere affection, the result of mutual respect. Once out of here I have to understand what awaits me, so far I’ve done it alone, now I need a team to give me support to build a tour in clubs and also abroad. What do I think of myself? I see myself as enriched with experience, more ready, I have more contacts and clearer ideas. I am determined and I want to continue to be so. Duet with Ofenbach and I hope to experiment and bring new things to the stage. Who win? Maria Tomba”.

Stunt Pilots: “We are always energized and energetic. The unpublished Imma Stunt (WATCH THEM IN THE SEMI-FINAL) was born in the 15 square meters of delirium and dust of our Buco Studio. We are looking for innovative and electronic sounds for a punk evolution. The piece also comes from a moment of down, the summer was over and we had broken up with producers with whom we had prepared an album: that breakup made us lose the work we had done and we had to start again from scratch. In the uncertainty of the future we created this song in one afternoon and we understood that it was our fuel, making do with what we had. Ours is an ordered rough: we surprised ourselves, we weren’t entirely sure of what we were going to do but that song became our manifesto, that is, looking at the difficulty with the idea of ​​breaking barriers and launching ourselves. Dargen D’Amico always listened to our opinions, even when we wanted to change things, he accepted and stimulated our artistic idea. In 2024 we hope to do as many concerts as possible, to build a fan base and we would like to export our music abroad: on X Factor we learned to multitask. We will duet with Omar Pedrini, he is a treasure of a person and a professional professional. We believe that Maria Tomba will win.”