X Factor 2023, the last episode of the Auditions: the previews

Come back Thursday 28 September, on Sky and streaming on NOW, X Factor 2023. Third and final appointment with the Auditions for the Sky Original show produced by Fremantleafter the first two parts which have already shown the great talent of this year’s aspiring contestants, with surprising performances often deserving of a standing ovation and many moments of emotion and energy.

Last chance, this week, to show your potential with a cover or an unreleased song, but always with the aim of getting at least three yeses from the 4 judges Fedez, Amber Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico And Morgan: as always, this will be the only way to access the Bootcamps, the next phase of the selections.

As usual, it will be Francesca Michielin to open the episode and welcome the artists to his station in the backstage of the Allianz Cloud in Milan, headquarters of the first phase of the X Factor 2023 selections.

The judges will once again find themselves evaluating a multifaceted musical proposal, with always original ideas, different inspirations and stories to tell. Also this week – in the episode expected for Thursday 28th at 9.15pm on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, always available on demand and streaming on Sky Go – young people with different artistic backgrounds and life paths will come to the table: some he already has musical experiences behind him that have shaped his character, someone transforms their shyness into expressive strength, while someone else has resigned from their job to pursue the dream of music.

Ideas, interpretations, writing, voice, performances: it is also the last chance for the judges to find and enlist the best talents around. The third episode of the Auditions is ready to offer many other surprises: there are those who approach sacred monsters such as international music such as Nina Simone, James Brown and Amy Winehouse, and those who propose their own unreleased song showing off their songwriting aptitude or making the judges move with his words, but a girl band will also arrive with a big dream, splatter stories and performances to the tune of totally unpredictable songs.

Once the first selection phase has been completed, from next week, for two episodes, the Bootcamps will return which will define the five aspiring competitors who will compete, in the Home Visits (19 October), for the three places available for each judge for the Live shows Show, which will start on October 26th again on Sky and streaming on NOW.

X Factor 2023 is also free-to-air on TV8, on button 8 on the remote control, every Wednesday in prime time.

Sky Brand Solutions, a department of Sky Media, together with Fremantle has brought on board X Factor 2023:

TIM, which for the first time will be the Main Partner of X Factor;

the Official Partners Škoda Italia, RINGO, Astra Make-up, Caffè Borbone, Burger King Restaurants Italia, American Express, Allianz, Alpro, Dondi Salotti, OPI, WELLA PROFESSIONALS, Vestopazzo, Serenis, Cult, RefrigiWear.

RTL 102.5 is the official radio. Urban Vision is Media Partner. Stories Partner is Vanity Fair Italia.

Media partners: Factanza, Billboard Italia, Fanpage.it.

X Factor 2023: Capo Project Paola Costa, production supervisor Barnaby Boccoli, executive and creative producer Paolo Scarbaci, a program by Giacomo Carrera and Alessandra Tomaselli and Lorenzo Campagnari, Alessandro Caruso, Carlotta D’Ambrosio, Elaine Heri, Anna Ferrajoli, Gabriella Nocera, Francesca Todaro, musical director Antonio Filippelli, director Adriano Galli, director of photography Ivan Pierri, set designer Paola Spreafico.