X Factor 2023, third Live: here’s who was eliminated last night. VIDEO

The youngest of the XF2023 contestants was eliminated from the third Live Show of the new edition of The competitor of Ambra’s team originally from the province of Bari, who had already divided the judges and the public in the last episode, loses in the run-off against the Stunt Pilots who continue the race, to the delight of their judge Dargen and their fans.

Gaetano De Caro leaves the scene in the last clash

Gaetano De Caro of the Ambra team is the least voted competitor in the second heat of the competition and everything is at stake in the run-off: in the last clash with the Stunt Pilots, he says goodbye to the dream of reaching the final. His workhorse Wonderful thought by Patty Pravo, this time it doesn’t convince the judges who decide to let the band team up with Dargen, it’s on the notes of Kiss of Prince that the boys have the upper hand. Gaetano’s exit from the scene who had already had to face the run-off with ASIA at the second Live, Morgan: “I eliminate those less ready to continue a professional path, I eliminate Gaetano”, of the same opinion Fedez, the last judge to express his opinion and close the circle. Despite the positive comments on his growth received for the performance of Born This Way by Lady Gaga during the first heat, Gaetano finds himself out of the game.

Gaetano’s words and final greetings

This is the comment of the seventeen-year-old (aka Be Claire) before the final goodbyes: “It was wonderful, I wanted to thank Ambra and all of you. I knew this, I imagined it, I was already feeling negative about the casting, but it was wonderful. Thank you very much.” And when asked by Francesca Michielin what he will do from tomorrow, he replies with the spontaneity of his young age: “I will continue studying, I also have to go back to school”.

who is Gaetano De Caro

Even as a child, Gaetano has always been in contact with music, which led him to explore as many genres as possible, starting with Lady Gaga, passing through Lana Del Rey and arriving at Marilyn Manson. And it is precisely with Lady Gaga that the young talent begins to realize his music. He plays the guitar and gives space to her voice, accompanied by the sound of the piano, and then completes his project with the choice of the stage name, inspired by a song by the Italian-American singer. Gaetano’s project is a personal adventure in search of sound possibilities that can express the messages and emotions that the artist wants to share with the public.