X Factor 2023, videos of the performances, from Angelica Bove to Matteo Alieno

Loud pop music, scenography and explosive performances. The lights come on on the stage of the first Live of X Factor 2023the Sky Original show produced by Fremantle, with the 4 judges Fedez, Ambra Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico and Morgan unleashed in the comments from the first minutes (RELIVE THE FIRST LIVE LIVE HERE).

The episode opened with a spectacular opening Francesca Michielin performing a medley of songs – Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers”, Oliva Rodrigo’s “vampire” and Dua Lipa’s “Dance The Night” – concluded with a full-screen message of peace, “Make Art Not War”. In the episode, also the great performance of super guest Laura Pausini, who brought to the stage a medley with two of his most iconic pieces – “Tra te e il mare” and “Resta in Ascolto” – and two more recent songs such as “Il Primo Passo sulla Luna” and “Durare”, thus presenting “ Anime Parallele” (“Almas Paralelas” in the Spanish version), his new recording project available worldwide from today Friday 27 October. Among the key moments, the episode’s twist: one of the contestants who did not pass the previous selection phases has the chance to officially enter the competition from the next episode. Four competitors – Astromare, Alice B, Anna Castiglia, Manifestothey compete in an open poll on the X Factor Instagram profile (available until 12.00 today, Friday 27 October): the two who have collected the highest percentage of votes will compete in the second episode for a place in the #XF2023 Live Show.

ANGELICA BOVE excites with Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor

The twenty-year-old from Rome, who is a competitor in Ambra Angiolini’s team at X Factor 2023, during the first Live Show – yesterday on Sky and streaming on NOW and always available on demand – involved and excited the judges’ table and the audience of the

MATTEO ALIENO on the notes of Bellissima by Annalisa

With his piano and melancholic version of Annalisa’s hit “Bellissima”, in the first Live Show of X Factor 2023, transformed into a slow and intense ballad, Matteo Alieno sparked the debate at the table between Morgan and his judge Ambra. Matteo, born in 1998, is an author, multi-instrumentalist and producer: his songs are inspired by Italian and English music, but also by Troisi’s cinema.

MARIA TOMBA goes wild with the piece Diavolo in me by Zucchero

The competitor from Fedez’s team appears on the stage of Sugar. The wild audience at the X Factor Arena accompanied her throughout the performance.

SEPTEMBER convinces with I was thinking about you by Fabri Fibra

Very young, very colourful, very Neapolitan and always smiling: here is the identikit of SEPTEMBER, who entered X Factor 2023 in Dargen D’Amico’s team. During the first Live Show of this year he proposed a personal version with rewritten lyrics of “Stavo pensiero a te” by Fabri Fibra, receiving many compliments from the table.