X Factor, gIANMARIA flies high on the notes of Dalla’s “Stella di mare”. VIDEO

Dressed in white, the ethereal talent of Emma’s roster once again ignites the stage of XF2021 (RELIVE LIVE HERE), and if during the third Live Show we saw him break with a 1986 song by the historical CCCP, tonight we find him with the same energy and grit, but on the notes of a classic of the Italian singer-songwriter,“Starfish”. With his pen GIANMARIA he rewrote the verses of the beloved piece by Lucio Dalla making it as always unique and very emotional. The young man from Vicenza flies high and takes us with him to the unexplored territories of his art.

The comments of the judges

Mika: “I am sincere, I appreciate your unconsciousness, I appreciate it very much, and this unconsciousness helps you, it has a great value, I admit that there is some inaccuracy in your performance, but it is nothing compared to the fact that you remain yourself”.

Hell Raton: “Mika stole my words, to hell with perfection, you know how to take the risk and you also respect the challenge very well, we are always speechless, it’s true, you can always improve, but I tell you good”.

Manuel Agnelli: “I agree with my colleagues, I appreciate you and I hope you go to the final. I tell you because I want to be honest, tonight you kept the chorus well, but I didn’t like the operation which I found a bit violent , I liked your words, however, and I repeat that you are one of the authentic talents of this edition, I want you in the final “.

Emma: “You are following a coherent path from the beginning, you like to play with the songs that have made the history of Italian music. You have respected and brought Dalla’s piece back in your own way. In your words I perceived that you understood what Lucio meant. I was lucky enough to know him and he loved working with young guys, he would have appreciated you if he had heard from you tonight. ”