X Factor, in the second live challenge to the rhythm of the MTV Generation. The podcast


A second live (RELIVE THE EPISODE) full of memories for those who lived the wonderful years of the MTV Generation. Among the audience well-known faces: Carolina Di Domenico, Camila Raznovich, Daniele Bossari, Kris & Kris… on stage the music of The Buggles: the timeless Video Killed the Radio Star interpreted by all the artists competing.

Race that in the regulation does not change compared to the first episode: two heats, the two least voted in the ballot. A challenge to the rhythm of the 80s and 90s. They range from Subsonica to Madonna passing by Britney Spears, A-Ah, Snow Patrol to get to that monument of world music that is Radiohead’s Creep brought to X Factor by the French Saints who abandon electronic sounds to sit on the notes of piano and voice . They are the best of the first part of the episode. To convince the judges and the public are also Matteo Orsi and Linda. A less Dadaist version is that of Dada who, hit by the covid, is forced to “go up” on stage with a recording. Less successful are the interpretations of Beatrice Quinta and Tropea. And it is the latter, in fact, who go to the ballot.

After the interlude Morgan, back on stage after years as a judge, lights up (without inflaming) the second iako block that falls on the planet Bjork: a difficult musical territory for anyone. How difficult is the challenge undertaken by Lucrezia who brings Barbie Girl from Aqua peeled to the stage, however, with that irony and freshness that the original piece had. Also difficult is the sentence on Joelle who tries to interpret Destination Paradise: too young to make Grignani’s filth and desperation. Heaven remains while the path (coherent and growing) is taken by the Little Men with the Beastie Boys. Very beaten the path of the Disco Club Paradiso who take refuge with cunning in Salirò by Daniele Silvestri.

The least voted of the second heat is iako who clashes with the Tropea in the second round. Tilt. And outside iako.

X Factor continues …