X Factor Italia, the contestants for the Live Shows have been chosen: here are the teams

Fedez, Ambra, Dargen and Morgan have completed the selections. Now the challenge begins

Finally complete the selections X Factor 2023the judges have chosen the contestants who will go to this edition’s Live Show. Fedez, Ambra Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico and Morgan formed their teams at the end of a two-day “artistic retreat” during which each judge had the opportunity not only to listen to the 5 artists who passed the Bootcamp phase , but also to get to know them better, spending different moments of the day with them and creating a direct connection with them thanks to an activity of their choice. Games in the pool and a pizza dinner for Fedez’s team, a villa in the countryside with a meditation session and a freediving competition in the pool for the group led by Ambra, an ancient and elegant residence filled with the notes of the piano being played from Morgan and his men (and a game of tennis), a house nestled in the mountains where Dargen has gathered his team, very colorful and always with jokes and jokes ready: the choices of the four were made on the basis of musical and personal elements, for evaluate ability but also predisposition to face an intense journey like that of the X Factor. But also a very precious opportunity to start building a relationship of mutual trust in view of the Live Shows, expected from next Thursday, 26 October, again on Sky and streaming on NOW.

The teams of Fedez, Ambra, Dargen and Morgan

For the team of Fedezearned a place for the Live: Sara Sorrenti, who played Sting’s “Desert Rose” from her magical electronic console, Maria Tomba, who showed her energy with a cover of Linkin Park’s “Numb”, and Asia Leva , who adapted XXXTentacion’s “Changes” with some verses rewritten by her.

The team of Amber will be composed by Gaetano De Caro, who proposed an emotional piano and vocal cover of “Hope There’s Someone” by Antony and The Johnsons, Matteo Pierotti, who reinterpreted “Sfiorivano le viole” by Rino Gaetano, and Angelica Bove, who enchanted with his version of “Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini.

For his team, Dargen instead he chose Andrea Settembre, who performed with an engaging cover of “Amandoti” by CCCP, the Stunt Pilots, who presented their unreleased “Imma Stunt” and Fabrizio Longobardi, with “1950” by Amedeo Minghi.

From the team of Morganfinally, Niccolò Selmi will be part of the group, who presented his own version of “La Nostra Relationship” by Vasco Rossi, the Animaux Formidables, who proposed their personal sound to the tune of “Ring On Fire” by Johnny Cash, and the SickTeens, who brought their rock energy with a cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”.

Home Visit, the ratings

Yesterday’s appointment of the Sky Original show produced by Fremantle, on Sky Uno/+1 and on demand, recorded an average of 515 thousand viewers (share of 2.4%). Overall, between free and pay, in the seven days last week’s episode exceeded 2 million average viewers (2,087,922), up by +13% compared to the equivalent episode of the previous edition and by +8% compared to previous episode, thus achieving the best result of this season.

Thanks to over 140 thousand social interactions during the day and almost 160 thousand total interactions, the official hashtag #XF2023 entered directly into first place on the Trending Topics during the broadcast while remaining on the podium during the on air; The names of Morgan and Ambra have also entered the trend (sources: Talkwalker, Trends24.in).

The Live shows are coming, the challenge begins

Once the teams have been formed, now all that remains is to actually go on stage to start the challenge between the competitors and their judges. X Factor 2023 is ready to cut the starting ribbon of its Live Shows, which will begin on Thursday 26th on Sky and NOW with the hosting of Francesca Michielin. For the debut of the live episodes, many surprises are expected on stage: starting with the performance of an extraordinary super guest, Laura Pausini.