X Factor, Morgan is out: here’s the reply

The artist on social media comments on the decision on his exclusion from the program: “The satellite edict has been issued”

“The satellite edict has been issued.” This is the post published by Morgan on his social profiles after his exclusion from X Factor 2023. The decision by Sky Italia and Fremantle Italia came after the last live episode of the program in which the artist did not spare attacks on the other judges and also towards Francesca Michielin.

The note from Sky Italia and Fremantle Italia

Sky Italia and Fremantle Italia have in fact decided “by mutual agreement, to interrupt the collaborative relationship with Morgan and his presence on ‘X Factor’ as a judge. An evaluation – we read in the note from Sky and Fremantle – made following repeated incompatible and inappropriate behaviour, also towards the production and during the performances of the contestants, and of the numerous declarations which have also taken place in recent days. It is essential that the contestants and their journey remain at the center of the programme. Music and talent are always have been and must continue to be the fundamental driving force of X Factor, and it is a priority that everything takes place in a professional working environment and that the discussion, however heated, is always expressed with mutual respect. of which Sky, Fremantle and

What happened in the last X Factor live show

Morgan was the absolute protagonist, with controversies and discussions, from start to finish, of the episode of X Factor which aired on Thursday 16 November. From the comments to the programming, with a reference to “imposed songs”, up to the prolonged back and forth with Dargen D’Amico, so caught up in the dispute with his fellow judge that he neglected his own role. Morgan did not even spare the presenter Francesca Michielin , hit ‘below the belt’ after the gaffe committed a week ago in relation to the duet between Colapesce-Dimartino and Ivan Graziani.

So, the words to Fedez who recently spoke on Che tempo che fa about the emergency linked to mental health, after the problems faced in the recent past, and who is personally spending money on increasing the funds allocated to the psychologist bonus. The summary of the evening is in Ambra’s phrase: “It’s not a good show at the table this evening”, says the only woman on the jury, expressing an opinion widely shared on social media. This caused the discussions between the judges to explode during the live last Thursday. “It’s not a pretty sight at the table tonight,” Ambra had said at a certain point. Immediately ‘struck down’ by a vitriolic joke from Morgan: “The rhetoric of the tear is beautiful”, said the former Blu Vertigo, amidst the sounds of disapproval from the public.

And when Francesca Michielin intervened asking to let Ambra speak, Morgan had increased the amount of acrimony, saying: “Ivan Graziani is waiting for you over there, he is collaborating with Annalisa”, underlining what had appeared to be a gaffe by the presenter in the previous episode, when with Colapesce he had seemed unaware of Ivan Graziani’s death. At that point Fedez intervened asking Morgan to stop. “Thanks Fedez, are you acting as a psychologist for me? Or are you too depressed to be a psychologist”, Morgan replied, referring to the health problems recently revealed by the rapper, while his colleagues at the table stared and even the public contested the performance of the most ‘elderly’.

Morgan’s video after the episode

“Fedez I didn’t really want to offend you, it wasn’t in my spirit and the depression that concerns us – I’m the first to admit mine – is about wanting to do something to oppose it”. In a video published on Instagram a few hours after the end of the episode, Morgan returned to his words that triggered the storm. “I don’t want my words about Fedez to be misunderstood – says the artist – After he had been sarcastic with me all evening, I responded with just as much sarcasm. At a certain point towards the end he moralized me and I told him said ‘you should be my psychologist’ and He said ‘that’s not the case’. And I said ‘why is he too depressed?'”.

“Using the word depressed is something I did ironically but more towards myself than towards him – Morgan stated – Depression is a state that I know very well because I have a long history of both personal and family depression. Don’t believe it whether it was a desire to hit the patient, I don’t want to offend anyone. My father took his life at the age of 46 due to something that today we would call depression but it wasn’t called that then and I believe that if it had been called depression he would be here Today”. “Having said depression is not a demeaning thing towards those who experience depression because I am the first to experience depression and to think that it is a condition of suffering which, however, is latently present in all men and women who are sensitive and who make their sensitivity, work, creativity – he said – I am not aggressive but above all respectful towards all the people who have suffering also because I am the first to have this suffering”.