X Factor starts again: “Music and lightness, back to life”

From September 15th the Sky Original talent produced by Fremantle will be hosted by Francesca Michielin. On the jury Fedez, Dargen D’Amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi

They are close-knit and ironic but also confident and determined. Fedez, Dargen D’Amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi are the four judges of the new edition of X Factor, the talent branded Sky Original and produced by Fremantle, which returns to air with the 2022 season from next Thursday on Sky and streaming on Now . An edition dedicated to “normality and” lightness “, which sees Francesca Michielin return to tread the same stage where it all started 10 years ago” I feel like I am living what I experienced at the time – the singer says excitedly, chosen as host of the program -. It is true that 10 years have passed but the X Factor stage always gives me the thrill, it is wonderful to see so much talent this year, I struggle to be super partes because I get very excited. I’m having fun”.

This year’s edition brings back to the center of the scene, and in front of an audience and a close-knit jury, young artists from all over Italy. The competition between them will be heated right from the auditions. During the selections they will have the audience behind the table, which returns in attendance, after the stop dictated by the pandemic and the lockdown: 12 thousand spectators in total inside the Allianz Cloud in Milan who will in effect be the ‘fifth judge’ of the competition, accompanying the judges from the first listening to the choice of the three members of each team. “X Factor – underlines Antonella D’Errico, Executive Vice President Programming Sky Italia – also represents the zeitgeist and with Covid the last two editions have tried, with great courage, to represent and be in tune with that type of mood. life again with force, we have reopened the program to the public and this edition is projected on entertainment, fun and desire for lightness. The return of Fedez represents at best the refounding from the roots. I also thank Rkomi, Ambra and Dargen “.

The last call phase will also be new in this new season. After the traditional auditions (broadcast on 15, 22 and 29 September), in which the artists will perform and present their musical project with the hope of receiving at least 3 yeses to be able to continue, the Bootcamps will arrive (6 and 13 October), with the classic switch mechanism on the coveted chairs (which this year will be 6). Then, on October 20, the unprecedented last call phase in which this year’s mechanism foresees that the 6 chairs return to the stage and the judges, listening to all the contenders on their roster, can choose the trio they want to bring to the Live Shows. . The latter will start from 27 October, from the Repower Theater in Assago, just outside Milan.

“I have been waiting for this moment for a while – remarks Fedez – I have always experienced my departure from the program in a somewhat traumatic way and when Eliana (Eliana Guerra, XF 2022 showrunner, ed) returned to the team we always felt. the seasons in which I was a judge we exchanged opinions and then when the terrain was favorable for the return I did not exist. There is no doubt that a great challenge awaits us, I know what we have done so far, how many talents have arrived at our table. strongly in the project, I enjoy the moment without preparing too much. X Factor baptized me from a television point of view, it was an important crossroads for me, I think we made a nice little program “.

The difference that the rapper carries with him compared to the past “is that now I don’t prepare myself – he comments – before I was a Stakanov, now spontaneity”. And he is keen to silence the rumors about the quarrels with Ambra that he would have had during the recordings of the program: “They are not truthful” he underlines, while on the support that his wife Chiara Ferragni could give him through social ironic: “People decide spontaneously without being affect that much. In the past my wife has made several appeals that promptly brought bad luck and therefore I will ask her not to do them “.

Biting in his irony also Dargen D’Amico: “When I signed the contract I was convinced there were the judges of the last edition and I was screwed – he jokes -. There were big doubts on the part of the network about me and I hope to make him change idea. I would never have bet on me and it’s nice that someone did. The fundamental point for me is music, with the people who are here I have a friendship, what better time to give the worst of me? “

Ambra is also ready to face the new challenge with her head held high: “It is the first time that I have been incorporated into a project whose key word is ‘normality’ – she says -. è. It would have been easier to be President of the Republic than a judge, the requirements are less … but we have put it in place. The whole team is strong. ” In her career, observes Ambra, “there have been cracks, moments in which I broke. I’ve never forgotten the TV but I couldn’t find the reason to come back. I got passionate about other things, this seemed quite risky and therefore right for me “.

Rkomi does not hide all his sensitivity: “Despite the emotion that I still feel and that I will have during the program – he admits – I want to be as myself as possible, I want to get naked and in the boys I look for determination and naturalness”. Many artists will compete with unreleased songs but there will be great classics of Italian music proposed as covers. The bands will bring with them all the colors of rock and indie-pop, the r’n’b share will be represented above all by women and there will also be a pinch of lyric. X Factor, after all, is also this: a “great popular novel”, to use Michielin’s words, with many “rough diamonds” that will do their best to succeed in shining in the music scene.