‘X Factor’, the choices of Rkomi and Fedex inaugurate the Bootcamps

The Little Men fly directly to Live

On Thursday evening, in the usual rollercoaster of emotions at the last switch, the phase of the was started X Factor 2022 bootcamp with the first verdicts and the choices of Rkomi and Fedez, who have selected the respective six competitors with whom they will go to the Last Call episode, the last call before the Live Show. But it was also the night of Fedez’s twist who promoted the Omini as the only band on his roster: by virtue of the regulation that obliges the judges to bring at least one band to Live, therefore, the three very young Turin boys have already the certainty of being among the 12 absolute protagonists of this edition.

For the other two judges Ambra and Dargen D’Amico, on the other hand, an evening of comments only in view of their Bootcamps, expected in a week. In the backstage of the Sky Original show produced by Fremantle, to manage the hot reactions of the 24 competitors who took turns on the stage of # XF2022 was Francesca Michielin.

To open the Bootcamps were the choices of Rkomi, always attentive and empathetic. This second selection step passes: Delì Lin, 18 year old from Preganziol (Treviso) of Chinese origins, who performed with an intense piano and voice version of James Bay’s “Us”; Manel, 21-year-old from Bologna of Moroccan origins, with her delicate cover of “Four Five Seconds” Rihanna; the band The Violet End who brought their original by convincing their judge to give him a chair with the switch mechanism; Jacopo Rossetto (aka Iako), 26 years old born in Vicenza and now in Milan, who amazed everyone with his novel entitled “AI (artificial intelligence)”; the Milanese duo Santi Francesi who brought to the stage an overwhelming electro-pop version of “A boy in the street” by Corvi; and finally Giorgia Turcato (Didì), who with her delicate voice and the ethereal version of her guitar and voice of “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd has won the last Rkomi switch.

Following was the moment of Fedez’s choices, which he decided to bring to the next stage: Filippo Ricchiardi, aka Fil Ricchiardi, 21 years old born in Turin and now in Halifax, Canada, who performed with his song ” On the side “; Marco Zanini, twenty years old from Milan, who brought a delicate and sensual reinterpretation of “Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini; Wiem, twenty-year-old from Desenzano del Garda of Moroccan origin, who bewitched the audience of the Allianz Cloud with her version of Elisa’s “And yet feel”; Gaia Eleonora Cipollaro, aka Dadà, who amazed once again with her contamination between electronic sounds and Neapolitan popular music by staging a mash up of “Bang Bang / O’Sarracino”; Linda Riverditi, who performed a touching piano and vocal cover of Damien Rice’s “Rootless Tree”; and finally, as mentioned, the Omini, a band made up of 3 Turin boys aged 18, 19 and 19, who set the stage on fire with their energetic version of The Who’s “My Generation”.

Yesterday’s episode, on Sky Uno / + 1 and on demand, recorded 602 thousand average spectators with a 2.4% share. There are 2,051,000 average viewers who in the seven days, on Sky and TV8, have seen the previous episode.

Yesterday on social media, thanks to 135 thousand total interactions in linear detection and 145 thousand total interactions in same day detection, the official hashtag # XF2022 arrived, in the Trending Topics of Twitter, in first place, remaining there during the prime time broadcast and then remaining permanently on the podium all night; Rkomi and Fedez also entered the TT classification.