X Factor, the French Saints, Linda, Beatrice Quinta and Tropea fly to the final. The podcast



Translated, one step away from the final.

Two heats to once again put the young artists to the test. The least voted in the ballot. To the judges the arduous elimination.

The Omini begin with a duet with the Baustelle and then propose a great classic: Song2 of Blurs. If the first exhibition is original (although perhaps not perfectly successful) the second is a bit phoned (an adjective now in fashion in this edition).

The cast away of X Factor 2022, Tropea, displace and surprise the public and judges, proposing a featuring with Donatella Rettore and then bringing Lunapop to the stage: less pop and more punk. It will be the five ballots that have strengthened them but Amber’s band seems more free (and fire) than ever.

On the most beautiful voice in the competition, Linda’s, weighs a question: is her great emotional charge fully expressed or is she held back a bit? The pairing with Federico Zampaglione wins and convinces. Rkomi’s stark summary remains: “You always have the same face.” But above all, solidarity with a girl who struggles, cries and cannot understand the unjustified hatred of certain people on the net remains.

If winter is just a summer that didn’t know you” sing the French Saints together with the Coma Cose. An unsurprising but always coiffed performance. An elegance confirmed in the second round when they bring The Killers. Ambra explains perfectly: “It’s hard not to look out of your window and not see something beautiful”.

Risking everything (and maybe even something more) is Beatrice Quinta who faces the semifinal with a double challenge: duet with Morgan and make Marco Ferradini’s Teorema dance (“but out of bed, no one is perfect” cited Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo). Mission Impossible? No. And the double standing ovation (with Beatrice’s tears attached) confirms it.

In the ballot Omini vs Tropea.

The judges decide.

And they choose Tropea.

In the final: French Saints, Linda, Beatrice Quinta and the irreducible Tropea.

Only one will win.