X Factor – The street of talent, the special is on Sky Uno. Tonight at 20.30

While waiting for the curtain to rise on the new season of X Factor, Sky Uno presents the Special “X Factor – The road to talent“, Thursday 24 August at 20.30. The program will discuss, among other things, talent (the one with a capital T), an often indefinable quality of the artist, and at the same time fundamental. Through the history of the winners of the past edition , i French saintsand through the history and personal experience of the judges of the show, we will discover some good ones.

«The only way to make a dream come true is to take it out of the drawer»

Starting from 14 September, artists from all over Italy and beyond, representatives of all genres and colors of music, will try to get all their aspirations and hopes out of their drawers, precisely in compliance with the claim “Free your dreams”. that never like this year wants to be an incitement to the boys to show how much good there is in their voices, in their lyrics, in their instruments

And again from 14 September, the judges of the Sky Original show produced by Fremantle will resume their mission: to identify the most promising “drawers” while waiting for the 12 protagonists of X Factor 2023 to be defined in the following steps, Bootcamp and Home Visit. little what happens in the promo in which Fedez, Ambra, Dargen and Morgan – who appear for the first time “at the opera” behind the table – shout “4 yes” in chorus to the performance of this girl who with guitar and voice manages to win the applause of the public: a dream, in fact, that could only come out of the drawer, thanks to X Factor.