X Factor, the survey sees Astromare and Anna Castiglia competing to return to Live

Francesca Michielin during the first Live (WHAT HAPPENED) had announced it and it was the episode’s twist: one of the contestants who did not pass the previous selection phases would have the chance to officially enter the competition from the next episode. The four contestants who answer to the names of Astromare, Alice B, Anna Castiglia and Manifesto they competed in an open poll on the X Factor Instagram profile (available until 12.00 today, Friday 27 October) and the two who collected the highest percentage of votes will compete in the second episode for a place in the #XF2023 Live Show (RELIVE THE FIRST LIVE LIVE HERE).

the audience at home has decided: Astromare and Anna Castiglia will compete to get back into the race

I’m Astromare (VIDEO) and Anna Castiglia (VIDEO) the two competitors who obtained the highest percentage of votes to join Morgan’s team and see their dream of participating in the #XF2023 Live Shows rekindled and hoping to be able to fly to the final.

the fifth judge

The audience at home, as well as the fifth judge of the