X Factor, the videos of the fifth Live, from September to Il Solito Dandy

Between a race that held suspense until the end, with a very tense final challenge and moments of great entertainment also thanks to the evening’s special guest Max Pezzalithe semi-finalists have been chosen (RELIVE THE LIVE) who reach the first, fundamental goal of the season: the presentation of their unpublished work.

the all-female medley by Francesca Michielin

The Judges Fedez, Ambra Angiolini and Dargen D’Amicofrom this episode in a 3-way table, they battled to bring their artists to the highly coveted semi-final, the presenter Francesca Michielin held the threads of the evening, opening it with an all-female medley on Remedios by Gabriella Ferri, Heaven by Patty Pravo, Desperate love by Nada e Kobra by Donatella Rettore. One eliminated, Matteo Alienofrom Ambra’s team, who had to leave the stage after the “fratricidal” clash with her teammate and best friend Angelica.

Max Pezzali at xf2023

The artist first transformed the X Factor Arena stage into an amazing karaoke party with a sing-along medley composed of North South West East, Really beautiful And Keep time – accompanied by an incredible group of Mexican mariachis who rearranged all three songs for the occasion – and then also sat at the table, on the occasion of a extraordinary heat dedicated entirely to his and 883 songs.

waiting for the semi-final

Next week the time will come for the long-awaited semi-final where the artists remaining in the competition will finally be able to have their unreleased songs heard. And not only that, there will also be a very welcome return: that of Emmaone of the most loved voices on the Italian scene – with over 10 years of career, 7 studio albums and 31 Platinum Records – who returns to X Factor as a special guest to present his latest album Souvenirswhich debuted at the top of the best-selling albums chart (third woman to reach #1 in 2023). Let’s review some of the highlight performances of the evening below... waiting for the appointment next Thursday at 9.15pm on Sky One And streaming on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Go.

THE USUAL DANDY with A small emotion by Anna Oxa

The Solito Dandy, from Dargen D’Amico’s team, returns to the stage of X Factor 2023 – yesterday on Sky and streaming on NOW and always available on demand – with a danceable version of A small emotion, one of Anna Oxa’s evergreens, written by Ivano Fossati. A performance that earned him long applause from the audience at the X Factor Arena and a unanimous opinion from the judges’ table.

the SEPTEMBER Mash up

Sing a song that is simultaneously Italian, English and Neapolitan? You can, you just have to make it up. SEPTEMBER knows this well, having “mashupped” an iconic piece like Crazy by the duo Gnarls Barkley and the Untouchable I’m Crazy by Pino Daniele. Result: a spectacle.

SARAFINE transforms the Calabrian tradition

The artist (from Fedez’s team) did something truly unique yesterday at X Factor 2023: he brought a Calabrian folk song, Returnella, giving it a super contemporary look, so much so that it seems like a hit of our times. The applause of the X Factor Arena and the judges is proof that the mission has been accomplished.