X will not pay users who spread fake news on the social network

X, the former Twitter, will no longer pay creators of posts that promote misinformation. The specialized site Engadget reports it. Elon Musk said that the company linked to the social network that he owns is making changes to the monetization program of the platform itself. This means that posts by content creators verified through the collaborative fact checking system, “community notes,” which involves user reports, will no longer be eligible for payments as part of the X revenue sharing program.

Cite sources of data control

“The idea is to maximize the incentive for the accuracy of the content rather than sensationalism” Musk himself wrote on the social network. Recently, X began requiring contributors to the “community notes” feature to cite sources when fact-checking. Now, any post that is “enriched” with community notes will lose the right to receive compensation. The move comes after the divestment of the team responsible for monitoring posts, on which the social network relied to create the most truthful environment possible.